The video that I put in my blog yesterday was a very tell tell of what has been happening to our children of the world. Hollywood, Disney have always been infiltrated by the devil, the relationship between adults and children, being presented as “acting” all under the umbrella to trick you into thinking what you are seeing is okay, when it never was, the majority of it. Our children are being born and brought up in the most horrible ways. Everything that is created in movies, tv shows is tainted with abominations, even though it seems to present hints of innocence. These children are being abused physically and mentally.  The children that are abused become the abuser, continuing  the cycle to destroy humanity on this earth. They take the most precious innocent and turn them into monsters, look at it for what it really is, and they make money off all of these lives.  If we stopped feeding the monsters they would collapse, we would be choosing love, harmony, connection, not lies, destruction of everything that is good and decent, the continuation of sin, evilness.

When you take a moment to unplug, get clear, invite our true god back into your heart, you will see and hear the truth.  I hardly watch any tv,  I am choosing to find the real, the beauty that had always been.  Not the trickery and lies used on tv, photographs, makeup, plastic surgery, pharmaceutical medicine, politics, etc… it was all done strategically to convince us that we somehow were imperfect, when gods creations were all made beautiful and perfect.  I started to see the bigger picture of good and evil when  dissecting everything.  I would encourage all my brothers and sisters to disengage from the machine and talk to your maker, ask for the guidance to return back to the beauty that you always were, all the answers you were born with, that you always had. Christians have been persecuted for centuries !

Great video by Richie from Boston, he has been putting up great videos for years !