This is the result of evil bloodlines , and it goes back to Babylonia.  It is Sodom and Gomorrah, pedophilia, bestiality,the darkest of dark, incest in the blood line. We forgot that the devil has been spinning his web for centuries.  Transgenders have always existed, however many of them, all these children were created, manipulated for satans agenda. They are born one sex and then are manipulated, diced, chopped into another. We forgot his power, he goes against all of God and his kind. He got us to believe that we were not good enough and he parades men in front of us pretending to be women, or for men, women who are made into men !

In This video is Shirley Temple put on display, revealing the ugliness, subliminal messages that they always use on screen with the human , the clothes, the props, it is all strategically placed in front of us, however we never pay attention to what is really being displayed, they are lots of shows with children  and adults, they are brainwashing us to not see what they are actually displaying.  Shirley says some alarming things, in her lines and then in interviews. Most people we see on tv, music, sports are not who they are, usually the opposite gender.  The satan web goes deep, my brothers and sisters. They repeat, display,manipulate, the same messages over and over with all its symbols, in all the inner workings of our lives, and we need to detox, unplug, from the satan kingdom agenda we are a part of.