Here are a couple !


There is a lot of work that went into researching for many years to change the course of all of our lives.  Sisters and brothers all over the world collaborated (and still are )to make us aware of the veil, citizens all over the world have been lied to about our history, education, science,medicine etc…..  We always wondered why through decades the world was getting worse, well it goes back to the bible.   Lucifer,  aka..Satan, the devil, made earth his play ground and his followers, worshipers that sold their soul to the devil created this derailed world. Through their power(king and queens,congressmen, politicians, judges, police men, high level Freemasons  etc..) residing, ruling over their countries, they have been enslaving, commiting genocide, destruction of mother earth. These people are all people in positions of power, all around the world, they all answer to the Vatican, they get their marching orders from there, remember wolves in sheep clothing.

So what are we as individuals going to do, are we going to take action by saving our soul  and the worlds, or are we going down with the devil ?