The energy (vibration, etc…) that each one of us puts out individually is a result of how we affect the world around us.  We are a reflection, made in the image of God, and he gave us the Ten Commandments to live by.

This is an important video for the whole world ! We owe gratitude to Anna Von Reitz and our many brothers and sisters around the world who have worked behind the scenes for years to bring us to this point and time to live our true lives,  they uncovered the veil, now it is up to us to stand together and eliminate the falsehoods, which are many !

These below are a fraction of  the super important links, and the last one, is a petition for citizens to impeach certain Federal Judges who have never upheld the laws of the land, only defended the many corporations.

We have a lot of material to read and understand, this is years of work that was done for humanity to exit the devils playground, so we need to understand the gift, and then take action to defend Gods beauty that was hijacked.