I have been living, going on this journey of life and for a while I lived in ignorance, ignorance is bliss.  I have met wonderful teachers through the years however one for sure stands out .  This person stood out because they did not follow the norm, society.  However, even the more evolved people can fall and they did, when you do not deal with your past, it will fester in your heart and mind, You have to heal your wounds,  make your way back to the lovely vibrant life force you were always created to be, not this doomy gloomy, stuck on the hamster wheel, spins of negative, damaging, mental and physical illness.

This video below is by Cindy Kay Currier who has a YouTube channel, Rise Together, that was given the responsibility of Ombudsman, Reign of Earth to inform the world of the nefarious lies we have been living under.  She is not the only one, many ex scientist, intelligence operatives, high ranking government workers, whistle blowers, in all parts of the globe, have been putting their dedicated work on the internet for years, trying to get the worlds attention.  The orchestrated derailment has affected and infected us all ! Cleanse your soul, save it, and then lets work in harmony as we were always meant to do !  Everything is energy, vibration, frequency, magnets, we can emit good or bad, that is why it starts with ourselves.