We try to  squeeze time for all the events in our lives.    Some of us manage time better than others.  Some of us are very generous with our time, others are very selfish or just horrible with managing it. We can never get it back, so we have to use it up wisely.

We are chasing, and choosing to spin in all these false hoods, there is no material item on this earth that will provide you with anything you need.  God gave us a world of abundance and the devil and his followers have squandered it, for themselves.  Our lives and humanity have lost its moral compass, we are so far removed from the godliness, beauty we were born with.  The devil has gotten us to put his toys and ideas above everything else in our lives.  We have no care for our family, our children, our neighbors, mother earth.  People are so disconnected from one another and worship electronics more than anything else.  There are horrible atrocities happening all over the world and we are just spectators letting it happen, well don’t.  I started my blog back in 2009 when I began writing about  myself, my concerns, observations.  We are so powerful, and we can move mountains ,however we have to be it, to see it, and do it.  It is never too late for anything !  I want to act and be in gods image, as he created me, to see the love in me, in and through other people.