Our emotions, moods, feelings are separate, yet intertwined.  There is a lot going on in our head,  and our heart.  We have many cognitive responses in and out through our head and body constantly, not including all the data, stimuli , and emotional clutter we fill it with.

I am becoming more sensitive and clearer about making my life calmer, more peaceful, amidst  the chaos/clutter that surrounds me. I am choosing to clean and reprogram,eliminate the clutter, negativity that has weighed me down. I define clutter as the negative junk we fill our brains with, unhealthy storage, negative emotions that we nest in our brains . We put it there, we can take it out. Each of us has our own clutter , experiences, memories, good and bad, it seems that many of us let the bad overshadow and dominate the good.  The most powerful paralysis in our life is the clutter we fill our brain with, repeating, processing  all our past stored  occurrences. I guarantee many of us are stuck, repeat, or hold on to all the bad feelings, hurts, fears and it distorts what happens in our present, day to day occurrences.  Our attitude and choices  towards everything is a big key to our true freedom  of  how each individual sees the world, interacts, reacts to the input and out put of their reality that surrounds them.

I am choosing to say yes to love, caring , sharing, and keeping my mind free of clutter(ugliness).  I think holding on and saving all the un needed , blinding forms of  clutter( anger, heartache,ect..) distorts our reality and stops us from being truly present in our day, or in the present period !  There is a lot going on around us to process, however, what we choose to take in I believe is the light or darkness we extend out to the world. I do  not want anything to taint my daily choices or experiences. I want to let the sun in each and every day. I am graced with the miracle of life and love, and I am to responsible to represent this love and pass it  on through my worldly interactions around me.   Thank you God for never leaving me, even though I abandoned you for a little while.