December 13, 2015 was my last post, wow how time flies !   12 days later,  my big toe was cut with my fathers Christmas gift on Christmas day !  We arrived back at my parents house  after spending the day at my brothers house.  I go to the back of the SUV,  lift the door, and the poster comes flying down on my toe.  I had flip flops on, (it was a hot Christmas day in Florida), I did not react fast enough.  My father drove me to the ER, they sewed the toe, it was a nice long  gash. Here is a picture of that gift,( 3×3 metal  poster ), and when I am in my parents patio, that memory comes back.

What a difference a year and  6 months makes, let alone minute to minute. I have so many things to document.  I like to keep tabs of  all that is going on with me.  One might say ” well keep a journal its private” however, I like openness, and maybe there are things that resígnate with people , or it allows or opens up a different perspective for the reader, through my experiences, opinions, views, etc…..