Month: July 2017

There Is Great Stuff, Wholesome Information On The Internet

I Have been working on unplugging from the non creator, and I am starting to see things much clearer, when your heart and mind and body are in sync, (with love,and to be love )it takes you back to the original creator, god.  We were made with everything we need.  Knowledge is made to be manipulated, when the fallen angels wanted to seek and understand more,they were cast out of the heavens, they wanted to be a part of the kingdom we are living in.  So they left the sky to question god and prove him wrong.  God is the one and only creator, satan duplicates, manipulates, violates, discriminates etc…..taints everything god made.  Today we only have to look on the internet and read and see what has been going on in the world and throughout history, (there is a lot of manipulated knowledge, so you have to do research) persecution of Christians around the globe for centuries ! We have been repeating the mistakes for centuries because we followed knowledge, the fallen angels, when we need to go back to the bible to get, and see the equation of god, ourselves, mother earth, and our ecosystem (life).

Great video from Barnone 11970

Citizens Around The Globe, We Need To Understand Very Important Things That Are Really Going On Behind The Scenes

A lot of my post  may sound redundant, however there are serious things going on, very powerful, strategic plays that Justice Anna Von Reitz (and many brothers and sisters) have personally and professionally been fighting for all of humanity.  They have been uncovering, writing, filing legal documents to not bankrupt the citizens of the world.  All their years of researching has uncovered a slaving system we have been in for centuries.  To many this may sound crazy, I may sound crazy, however there is documented proof of all of it. the link to Anna Von Reitz has all kinds of information dating back through centuries of history. There are so many brothers and sister who have been putting time and energy to inform us, on tv, on the internet, you can go back through history and see all the men and women who saw what was happening and tried to tell us, wake us up, to literally save our souls, however each one of us has to make that choice on what we do.  We all have free will and we can choose to live in the devils world or we can break his system, spells, demonic energy, frequencies through manipulated government, education, health, etc… Yes, the reality is that satan, fallen angels, have embedded themselves deep into our society, through energy, taken over bodies, people who worship him, or sold their soul. I pray for all of you no matter what your choice is.

A Big Thank You to All Our Brothers and Sisters Around The Globe, Trying To Save Our Souls

I never thought that it was all about god and the devil, and I started to see things so clearly.  I never put the devil into my reality because I always followed the ten commandments so I never saw the devil playing any part, or influencing me, boy was I mistaken !


This is another awesome video from researching brothers (Nicholson1968 and RFB), wanting to save our souls. .

We Are Living In Crazy Times

This video was sent to me yesterday and I thought it was perfect to illustrate how we as humanity have lost our individual thinking process.  We may have to take a better, longer look at the transgender movement, agenda, a little closer. Is it okay for a man to compete with women, in a womens competition ? If a man feels he is a woman, he was still born a man, is he competing on a fare and even field ? I feel we have to go back to our own true being, DNA chromosomal  make up and look at the real picture of things without the propaganda influencing our emotions in our decision making process.. Propaganda is a very powerful weapon, tool, that has been used for centuries, starting with the bible.  You have to decode it, what it says and what it really means, that is how it was used against us. Man will trick you, god will not.

Our Words, Symbols Around Our Globe Have Hidden Meanings

I originally had a video with Jordon Maxwell however it was taken down so I recently replaced it with another great video done by Richie from Boston. He has been  sharing his  amazing research on how symbols, words, have been hidden ( in plain sight) from the world.  He did an interview with Richard Kallberg who has also been doing his own investigating research on his website.  I believe many have  lost faith in the creator, the most high, people are looking around and ask themselves how do these horrible crimes and destruction continue to escalate and be allowed, where is god ?  Well he is with us always, however, we have not been living in his word and actions for centuries.

This is a video that should be watched and passed on.  We need to bring our collective god energy back to the world. Once we bring it back to ourselves then we assemble, come together to stop the evil energy that has been dominating the globe for centuries.  The real citizens of the United States of America, must come together and stop our evil empire here.

Do Not Focus On The Exterior Around You

The video that I put in my blog yesterday was a very tell tell of what has been happening to our children of the world. Hollywood, Disney have always been infiltrated by the devil, the relationship between adults and children, being presented as “acting” all under the umbrella to trick you into thinking what you are seeing is okay, when it never was, the majority of it. Our children are being born and brought up in the most horrible ways. Everything that is created in movies, tv shows is tainted with abominations, even though it seems to present hints of innocence. These children are being abused physically and mentally.  The children that are abused become the abuser, continuing  the cycle to destroy humanity on this earth. They take the most precious innocent and turn them into monsters, look at it for what it really is, and they make money off all of these lives.  If we stopped feeding the monsters they would collapse, we would be choosing love, harmony, connection, not lies, destruction of everything that is good and decent, the continuation of sin, evilness.

When you take a moment to unplug, get clear, invite our true god back into your heart, you will see and hear the truth.  I hardly watch any tv,  I am choosing to find the real, the beauty that had always been.  Not the trickery and lies used on tv, photographs, makeup, plastic surgery, pharmaceutical medicine, politics, etc… it was all done strategically to convince us that we somehow were imperfect, when gods creations were all made beautiful and perfect.  I started to see the bigger picture of good and evil when  dissecting everything.  I would encourage all my brothers and sisters to disengage from the machine and talk to your maker, ask for the guidance to return back to the beauty that you always were, all the answers you were born with, that you always had. Christians have been persecuted for centuries !

Great video by Richie from Boston, he has been putting up great videos for years !

Evil Blood Lines

This is the result of evil bloodlines , and it goes back to Babylonia.  It is Sodom and Gomorrah, pedophilia, bestiality,the darkest of dark, incest in the blood line. We forgot that the devil has been spinning his web for centuries.  Transgenders have always existed, however many of them, all these children were created, manipulated for satans agenda. They are born one sex and then are manipulated, diced, chopped into another. We forgot his power, he goes against all of God and his kind. He got us to believe that we were not good enough and he parades men in front of us pretending to be women, or for men, women who are made into men !

In This video is Shirley Temple put on display, revealing the ugliness, subliminal messages that they always use on screen with the human , the clothes, the props, it is all strategically placed in front of us, however we never pay attention to what is really being displayed, they are lots of shows with children  and adults, they are brainwashing us to not see what they are actually displaying.  Shirley says some alarming things, in her lines and then in interviews. Most people we see on tv, music, sports are not who they are, usually the opposite gender.  The satan web goes deep, my brothers and sisters. They repeat, display,manipulate, the same messages over and over with all its symbols, in all the inner workings of our lives, and we need to detox, unplug, from the satan kingdom agenda we are a part of.


My Own Awakening, Part 2

So In all the jobs I had performed through out my life, my most recent one had exposed me to many people, about 60 a day face to face everyday, and something clicked. I see them, I hear them, and I did not see the crap they try to sell on tv and newspapers. The people in my community, when I go outside, I do not see destruction or mass shootings. Even with all the hurdles that they all spoke about, be it money, illness, politics etc… they still displayed love. There may be a couple of unfriendlies, however not the amount they say. So even though I was still struggling something was getting my attention. I ended up losing that job, how ever, I started digging around on the internet, and I started to find more and more validation to the trickery of the devil.  I have to say devil, because this is our history, our truth, God created all living things and the fallen angel(lucifer) went and created his kingdom, the one we are living in, the one the devil orchestrated.  I think many of us forgot about satan, or we forgot his powerful persuasion, trickery.  I know I did, I never thought the big lie and deceit was all under smoke and mirrors, wolves in sheep clothing. The devil used all the tools in his tool box on us.

This Great video on Wilhelm Reich, his suppressed proven studies, like many other greats,  are taken away to keep the devils agenda alive and polluting.  One of Mr. Reich’s  quotes “ Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness somewhere I understood this and here I was hearing it. By controlling and polluting  our mind, and physical being, they enslave us, and have polluted how we think and perform . Sex is one of many acts or performances that we do, in its purest form it is beautiful, sex polluted is unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

My Own Awakening

I had been struggling for a while in my life, I had 3 or 4 episodes between 2014 and 2017 that I just retreated and did not want contact with anyone, I withdrew, and my body and mind were telling me so. I had time to go within myself and to figure out my, mistakes, hurts, failures, etc..  You have to be willing to be raw and honest with yourself, look at yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself. If you can not be, and live with you, it will never work with anything or anyone. I needed to go back and remember that I was made perfect with love and that I needed to get back to that. I had a lot of unnecessary storage to get rid of, and to release myself from my prison of pollution. I wanted to be and live in the manner that God had blessed me with, he gave this gift, this way of being to everyone. I had not been to a church in decades, I was raised catholic, however I looked at churches and thought for all the churches in the world, we should have a better world.  Where was God, if we are all Christians mirroring his divines ?

For all the churches, why do we have such a division among our brothers and sister?  Well at my last job, something clicked, I met and spoke to many brothers and sister of the community and their faith, their beauty, was apparent to me that the information displayed on tv, newspaper, magazines and some over the internet was a lie, trickery to present a lie about humanity and mother nature, or they were creating a narrative to divide us.  One example, look at hollywood, it is made up by actors, it is a lie,they get sucked, tucked, modified in every which way into idols,  and we think they display true beauty. The majority of high paid actors, music artist, athletes, judges, politicians,lawyers, sold their soul for all their false riches and they have been working tirelessly to get us to their side. They contribute nothing to our world they swim in an ocean of deceit and keep all their wealth,not helping any worldly causes just placed and photographed, unless they are slaves themselves and their lives are lies living in their devils hell. They are used in many facets to con us to confuse us, some of the actors and actresses that people hold in high regard are not the gender they display.  This is all the work of the devil to trick us and make us believe a lie, when God told us the truth, and he is no where for us to listen to him because we bought into lies and trickery.

The deceits, lies go deep into our ways of life around the world.  Our country our world is not what it is suppose to be.  We have been incarcerated for centuries in invisible cages, with the illusion of freedom and the beauty, the abundance that was ours has been hidden, stifled from us.

I understand now that ones words and actions should align otherwise you are polluting the universe. We are energy emitting positive or negative energy. If you are love you are the expression of it, mind body and soul,  you have  free will, the choice to feed yourself properly with all that is love, real and good, truthful, the tree of life. Or you choose from the fruit of knowledge and spread disease.

I reside in the state of Florida, of the united states of america, so I can only speak of the laws, the false made up control where I live, and the 50 states that all this resides in my immediate reality. I understand the big picture affects our whole world.

Let’s Master Ourselves

Citizens have polluted their minds and bodies with the infested sick world.  We have followed down a very destructive, orchestrated path to eliminate humanity.  The devil and his worshipers have been infiltrating society for centuries, it dates back to Babylon, however we can change this course  by starting with ourselves to go back home to our creator, to ask for the love and forgiveness  to inhabit us again. We can be the the change we want to see . Our intent, our actions, have had, and have consequences to our universe, so we each individually do the work necessary to put love energy, frequency back into it, or we can put out ugliness, lies, deceit, and continue on as status quo. With a clear mind, heart and body we are the most effective with everything we do.  We have been led down a path to destroy  all living beauty.  We have freely chosen, and ingested the pollution into our minds and bodies.  We were made perfect by our creator,  all the systems that dominate and control, us through this evil web, reaches the whole world . The devil wants to eliminate everything beautiful in the world, and there is no limit, boundary, horrors of all horrors that he will go to, to accomplish it.

This video is about Doctors,our brothers and sisters, who are telling us how our entire medical system was hijacked from us. We can cure ourselves by getting the right natural medicines from mother nature.

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary from Jason Greenwood on Vimeo.