If someone takes advantage of a situation, a person, there comes a time when the endless taking will come to a screeching halt.  There is a moment, a time when a situation changes, or the person being taken advantage of has had enough.  So my question is this, is it the takers or the doer/givers fault ? Do takers have deeper issues going on to make them oblivious ?

I know people, family, friends who have been generous, giving of their time, lending items, helping out monetarily, etc…only to get slapped with the harsh reality of ungrateful, selective memory,  individuals not reciprocating any kind of thankful gesture in return, nothing, nada, zero.  It astounds me how people who have been helped out in a pinch, or several, will simply never return a favor that has been bestowed on to them. Life is not free, there is limited free time, bills to pay, things to manage, so when people display helpfulness, it should be acknowledged and returned at some point.  Relationships get destroyed because once the taker is told no more generosity will be coming  their way they don’t come around anymore.  Families, friends, have not spoken to each other,  and relationships have ended over this matter.