Month: September 2015

Self Awareness, Introspection For The ADD/ADHDers

I have found that there are people who are oblivious to themselves.  They can do no wrong, everyone one else is the problem, the trouble maker, they are the victims in every situation. People with ADD have this  huge social issue that they are not even aware of.  I was not even aware of  the convoluted issues associated with ADD/ADHD. I stumbled on this page and it was mind blowing.  Where is the accountability for their actions ? How do they get help ? How do they help themselves ?  ADD individuals think everything happens to them, or at them. We all have to know who we are and make peace or find peace with things that have broken our hearts, angered us. Self awareness is hard enough for most individuals without a mental disorder, so add that challenge to the mix. I think people have to dive deep within themselves  and trace all the things that impacted their lives negatively, and realize they were isolated instances, that not everyone, or everything is out to hurt them.

I have mentioned mental disorders before, and I do so because we never know what or who we are dealing with. Never judge a book by its cover, there is so much beauty and good however not understanding something can misdiagnose a persons true being.


I Miss My Beautiful Dog

On my last post, my heart was chipped away when Sandy died. My world seems different without her in it, she was my family.  I’ve posted this picture before but I’m going to do it againMadison Massaging Sandy. That is my niece Madison (several years ago) with her best buddy Sandy.  I am horrible about photos and now I wish I would have taken many more of her.  She will always be in my heart, and in my mind.

Brandon Fouche is my hero ! If you have a chance look him up. Here is a video that is needed for dog owners. I’ve posted stuff on him before.  Louis Theroux another hero of mine did a documentary on, City of Dogs, in LA on the over population of unwanted dogs, strays , overcrowded dog shelters. He also brought attention to dogs that are labeled difficult, unable to be rehabilitated.  Brandon Fouche says he has never met a dog that could not be rehabilitated. We as humans are not doing right by theses animals, or our own, and we need to learn to do right by them.  We need to live in harmony and celebrate the things they teach and  improvements they bring to our lives.

For that matter, we need to spread love and include all people, things and places that are mistreated.

What Does A Broken Heart Look Like ?

So far in my 46 years of life  I have had very few instances of heartbreak. Thru the journey of life we lose important people close to us, or certain things come to a tragic end. My parents are moving on in age,  the natural progression of life is that the elders pass on before the young, however we know that is not true. My family is still in tact, they are all still here with me and I have to live and experience it for as long as I have it.

Some  people face a broken heart earlier in life. I wonder if someone can be so emotionally scarred that they never live an open honest life of being vulnerable ever again? Our brain and our heart, two of the major life sustaining organs we live by that effect our emotional and physical wellness.  Most people expose their heart to the people they love. It can bring you to your knees when you have journeyed through life with the most beautiful unconditional loves your heart and mind have been privileged to experience.

We do not always do the best with our time, or really show or verbalize our truest vulnerable self, we all do what we know how at the time, that is why we have to dig deep within our self  when we want to be an example of what we want in our life.  When our communication and actions do not convey or express what we truly want to say, or what we need, we should always aspire to strive for that, be better to ourselves and to the world inclusive around us! We never know when things will no longer be visible, tangible, responsive, final to us.

Taking Advantage

If someone takes advantage of a situation, a person, there comes a time when the endless taking will come to a screeching halt.  There is a moment, a time when a situation changes, or the person being taken advantage of has had enough.  So my question is this, is it the takers or the doer/givers fault ? Do takers have deeper issues going on to make them oblivious ?

I know people, family, friends who have been generous, giving of their time, lending items, helping out monetarily, etc…only to get slapped with the harsh reality of ungrateful, selective memory,  individuals not reciprocating any kind of thankful gesture in return, nothing, nada, zero.  It astounds me how people who have been helped out in a pinch, or several, will simply never return a favor that has been bestowed on to them. Life is not free, there is limited free time, bills to pay, things to manage, so when people display helpfulness, it should be acknowledged and returned at some point.  Relationships get destroyed because once the taker is told no more generosity will be coming  their way they don’t come around anymore.  Families, friends, have not spoken to each other,  and relationships have ended over this matter.

Do Not Let History Be Erased Or Rewritten

Humans have traveled through the many different world events in history, paving a better way, making advancements in the human race, however, we still need to go farther.  People, study our world history, do not let events, the truth be rewritten or erased.  Take the Charleston South Carolina shooting, the young man, Dylann Roof, was labeled a racist, from the get go, his friends tell a different story.  The confederate flag has been taken down in certain states due to this one incident, why?  The flag is a representation of a region, a group fighting in a battle.

Religion hurts society, this is a great website, look what happened recently with Kim Davis. Gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexuals, have existed since the beginning of time, since humans have walked the earth, religion wrote it wrong centuries ago, people have been trying to debunk those written books for centuries for a reason, its crap, people kill, hate, judge, discriminate against other religious denominations, deny equal rights, or the same rights to all humans, in the name of religion.

Returning After Some Downtime

My Last blog post was on March 31st regarding the discrimination that still goes on against women.  We need to fight for, support, and have each others back .  I have seen a little shift where women are becoming more fearless.  Our younger generations see things less traditional, and are way more exposed to the world, not just their home town, state, or country.  Look at Malala , a courageous youth who is fighting for the right for female education ! There is still a lot of unwarranted discrimination regarding race, sexuality, religion, national origin, age, disability, around the world, however, I’m pretty sure women have been targeted the longest through the centuries. Still, no group should be discriminated against period !

I have to admit that I am a hypocrite at times.  I have been struggling with balancing work, family, fun, relationships,  etc… It has been all work and no play. I have been existing not living for a long period and that is no way to be, or live.  I have issues and I hope I will conquer them all. I am at a crossroads in my life. I take ownership that I have not been happy for a while. I need change, want change, and only I can do it ! Aging is not an issue for me, it is a reality, it creeps up slowly, my fountain of youth is entering into another phase, stage in life with things like perimenopause,  difficulty reading small print, unaccounted for aches and pains, etc….  I am so blessed I still have my family and a great couple of friends in my life to help me navigate through this maze of life.