A little less than a year ago I found out my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and now my aunt has been diagnosed with it.  There are over 100 types of cancers. I lost my dog and brother in law to it. There has been too many infected that have died with this disease. I was waiting for Vice’s season three because of this episode , a break through, cure, to this ugly ravaging  killer, cancer.  New hope for lung cancer patients !

This article came out in 2011.  Another article that came out in 2014.  What, when, how, will this be available to the mass of cancer patients ? This article from the Wall Street Journal tackles some of those questions.  I wonder how long there has been a cure ?  I just hope that all individuals with this disease get informed, and receive the new treatments.  Hopefully  there will be no red tape, hurdles, or outrageous costs to anyone.