It is that time to be filing your taxes, I say for what, what is the point ?  The IRS is a joke in my mind.  I hope this post is read/ watched and I hope it motivates you to write your congressmen.

It is unjust, unlawful for the IRS to continue to operate how they do. They are allowing fraudulent, fabricated information from illegal undocumented workers, also allowing them  to receive  huge tax returns for children they claim, who do not exist . IRS can not audit me until they get audited.  I have no problem with anyone coming to  the U.S. to make a living, but they need to be documented.  I am in a data file somewhere, so they need to be as well.  We offer working visas, what caused our immigration system to change ?  I found an article/video from 2012,a piece done by WTHR Indiana on  IRS workers ,whistle blowers,  who came  forward to bring the fraud to light and to hope that we as citizens get angry enough to write our congressmen to stop them from continuing to accept all the made up crap that is filed.  A high percentage of Illegals  claim  names, social security numbers, none of the information is theirs or matching.  How do we as Americans have such strict rules, we go to jail for fraudulent information and stealing, and yet the illegals are robbing them and us openly !!! The fact that they are stealing money, that they are not entitled to, racking up several thousand dollars by falsifying, lying, it is theft and it is in the billions. Illegals know they are falsifying information and stealing, how dare them try to defend a criminal action. We get stuck with the bill people !!