Month: February 2015

Love Our Techies

Two different men sharing their information with us in very different ways, however they both wanted to share how it would affect us.

Josh Harris saw what the way of the internet would be in the 90’s, the documentary, by Ondi Timoner, We live In Public, was crazy to see how spot on someones understanding, vision of the future of technology was, is.  Do you agree with him regarding where the public life will lead us ?

Edward Snowden he spoke out against, blew the whistle on our government spying on Americans, and of countries abroad. He worked for the NSA and saw the enormous data collection, he knew it was not right, they were not scaling back like President Obama had pledged when taking over the oval office, they were increasing access to our privacy ! We are not the terrorists so why are we being watched ? Citizenfour is a documentary made with Mr. Snowden, by Laura Poitras to illuminate and make citizens aware of this secretive, wrong, espionage to be used against us, not the terrorist.

“Freeway” Rick Ross Can Shed Light On Our War On Drugs

Love Joe Rogan, not only a comedian, a very multi talented individual.  He has a podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience  its on You Tube, he has been doing it since 2009, so there is a collection of interesting videos with an array of great guests, one in particular “Freeway” Rick Ross .  Mr. Ross wrote a book about his life in the drug business and Mr. Gary Webb did investigative research on crack-cocaine in Los Angeles linking Mr. Ross, the CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the U.S., and so did Michael Rupert.  A movie was made, Kill The Messenger, to tell the story and so was a documentary, Freeway : Crack In The System.

Banks, Churches , Gasoline Stations, Are Three Questionables ???

There are 331 gas stations, 138 banks and credit unions , 297 churches , in Pensacola, FL .  Why do we have so many in our city ?  This is overkill, these businesses thrive, and why is that ? ( besides the fact that we use and frequent them) These three are reasons  we are at war, killing each other and in financial distress around the world .

The petroleum industryAmerican petroleum institute , Gasoline


Churches , (buildings)

When Did Suing Become Business As Usual ?

I think the pivotal case that took law to an ugly unaccountable place was the McDonalds coffee case.  I know since that verdict, lawsuits have been many, and many frivolous ones. People have lost their common sense, and deflected their own accountability  for their part in a careless, ridiculous suit.  We make choices everyday, however we do not want to accept the consequences or our involvement in the matter of dispute .  People believe corporations have deep pockets, let them pay for our inconveniences, but really the money comes from all of us.

What about those ridiculous personal injury commercials where one of the persons in the suit says their attorney got them 100,000.00 dollars. The idea of making big money by suing is wrong.  I thought ambulance chasing was illegal for attorneys, are those commercials just as illegal ?

Has The IRS Been Audited, Reformed ?

It is that time to be filing your taxes, I say for what, what is the point ?  The IRS is a joke in my mind.  I hope this post is read/ watched and I hope it motivates you to write your congressmen.

It is unjust, unlawful for the IRS to continue to operate how they do. They are allowing fraudulent, fabricated information from illegal undocumented workers, also allowing them  to receive  huge tax returns for children they claim, who do not exist . IRS can not audit me until they get audited.  I have no problem with anyone coming to  the U.S. to make a living, but they need to be documented.  I am in a data file somewhere, so they need to be as well.  We offer working visas, what caused our immigration system to change ?  I found an article/video from 2012,a piece done by WTHR Indiana on  IRS workers ,whistle blowers,  who came  forward to bring the fraud to light and to hope that we as citizens get angry enough to write our congressmen to stop them from continuing to accept all the made up crap that is filed.  A high percentage of Illegals  claim  names, social security numbers, none of the information is theirs or matching.  How do we as Americans have such strict rules, we go to jail for fraudulent information and stealing, and yet the illegals are robbing them and us openly !!! The fact that they are stealing money, that they are not entitled to, racking up several thousand dollars by falsifying, lying, it is theft and it is in the billions. Illegals know they are falsifying information and stealing, how dare them try to defend a criminal action. We get stuck with the bill people !!

Jacksonville On My Mind And On Google Maps !

I get to share with my family here and abroad the actual locations, places I lived or went to in Jacksonville, Florida. Riverside was one of my favorite areas of Jacksonville. I lived in several places throughout Riverside. I lived off of Hendricks St.  I use to walk the streets in the neighborhood and would frequent St Johns Ave.  I ate at Biscottis regularly.   At one point I resided off Riviera Parkway  apartments on  the water on  the right hand side. I would eat lunch at the Jacksonville Landing when I worked at the  State Employees Credit Union (used to be Government Employees Credit Union).  I also lived off Riverside Ave.  I lived in Jacksonville from 1990 to 2001.  I met some amazing people and friends there.  It is a place that holds fond memories in my heart.

Today is Valentines Day and I have a lot of love, not only for my honey bunny, for my family and friends who have demonstrated and been an extension of love.

Very Emotional Morning

I just started balling. I think I may have found a friend of mine that I have thought of over the years. I have reconnected with a couple of good friends recently, however this one in particular broke a little piece of my heart. I lost contact many years ago.  I do not know what the outcome will be, I will try my best and pray for the best.  It has been so long that I wonder if she has changed,  I do not think so, not her foundation.  Of course with years that go by, new experiences, new additions, subtractions, what we choose to keep or extract from our lives modifies us. Things that were important before, become less important, vice versa.  She will always have a special place in my heart, she made an imprint and I will always be grateful.

When you lose touch with friends and you reconnect it is nice to feel that even though there was a loss of time, connection, involvement, missing out on each others journey through life, that the bond, the love is still there.  I do not have that many friends however the ones I do have are the best, I treasure them.

My Sicily Italy

31 viale della Regione Nicolsi is where I lived ! I loved this house, It was a nice town about 35 minutes from the Naval base. I just pulled it up minutes ago on Google maps/satellite. When I navigate up the street on the left side I get a shot of the side rails and balcony ! It is so neat ! It made me cry seeing my Spain and my old house in Sicily. I remember skating around it downstairs. We lived on the upper level.  It had a huge balcony that rapped around half way. Our neighbors right to the left of us Franco and his family, were like family to us. I had a lot of fun times and I spent a lot of time with my sister.   I hope my sister and brother will show their children our childhood homes in Europe. (oh my gosh my brother was a new born baby, he will get a kick out of it) I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful experience.  I was between the ages of 7-9   years old.  I will have to confirm that with my mom, however I’m pretty sure.


My Family In Rota Spain, My Memories

If you have ever been to Bodegas El Gato in Rota,Spain then you have been to my uncles place . A bodega is a winery/store/warehouse.  Boy do I have beautiful memories of  the times that I spent with my moms sister and her family. It was a house full of women, my 4 girl cousins, my uncle and aunt. My aunt Juana is no longer with us however I have so many memories of her nurturing ways, she was an amazing healthy cook). My cousin Chari and I were the same age and we spent a lot of time together.  I remember her and I  going down to the bodega to bring back coca cola for lunch or sometimes ice cream for our desert. My last visit to Spain was in 2006 and then in 2011 and what a change to his establishment.  Well there were big changes to Rota since it had been over 16 Years later that I had stepped foot back on its soil.   Two of my cousins, my uncles daughters, have learned the business and work with my uncle.  My other two cousins, One is in London working in the Oxford University, and the other works at Hotel Playa De La Luz.  Here is Rota , Spain through the eyes of Google earth.

If you have ever been to Pizzeria Burger Ton you have been to my cousins restaurant.  I am so proud of my cousins, My Aunt Natalia (an amazing cook and mother) who I am named after, has 4 children and they are some of the most sweetest, and smart people you will ever meet. My cousin Manolo  owned this restaurant  when I was still living in Spain, my dad being in the Navy was stationed in Rota. My cousin Natalia and Agustin are singers. They sing locally in Rota and have gone to do other gigs in near by towns. My cousin Angeles  was a teacher, she has 2 children that she is devoted to.

Google maps view of Pizzeria  Burger Ton.  It is embarrassing however I never thought to look at Rota, Spain on Google earth until today.  I forget what a powerful tool we have and that I can reminisce and look at all the places I went,  the laughter, my high school classmates and our amazing times and experiences overseas.and my heart, my bloodline of family that  I miss. Here is my parents home in Rota,( Google maps/satellite) it is were I lived growing up, and stayed when I visited.

Hola a todos, os quiero mucho, y pienso siempre en ustedes.