Korengal documentary , Sebastian Junger did the film to answer what drives soldiers to keep going back to combat, war, what they  missed, loved about it.  He observes  brotherhood,  the comradery of looking out for each other, wanting to better a situation, when in reality they are destroying towns, cities killing for what ? What is the real reason behind all these never winning endless wars?  So I say take on America, not the other countries !  Clean up and follow the money trail , get the money influence out of government, get the turds out of elected positions, restore republic in America back to the people.  America is a nicer looking country, we look put together, however we are in a dismal state.  We live in a facade of freedom, our country looks great being younger and more modern however we have too many rules and regulations by the people and the companies in power enslaving us.  We allow and support these powers to become bigger and wealthier.  Soldiers if you love your country start with America first. They( the ones in power) make butt loads of money  off you when you are off and away in combat with other countries,  when all is instigated here at home.  You are making them richer, and richer and they sit back and continue their revolving income, money train, gravy boat.  Do not fight abroad, they have agendas, fight for your own citizens at home, they have had war on America for years and its time to stop this destruction of what the original vision was from the founding fathers. War is profit, many citizens never wanted any of them however our republic system failed us as always, the companies, bankers make the rules however we need to shift the power back to us we are the majority, we have the numbers in individuals all across our country.

Major General Smedley Butler (audio video on youtube, War Is A Racket)

Michael Prysner