For those of you who are not familiar, anonymous  is a global group fighting for the internet and our given rights as citizens.  Individuals of all countries coming together anonymously, to the aid of of many along the globe, through the internet.  On May 27th this year, Hector Xavier Monsegur , (goes by Sabu) made the news that he was being released only after serving 10 months for betrayal, snitching on his fellow anons.  He is responsible for turning in Barret Brown and many others, giving away vital protective information regarding the group.

This is a criminal, Sabu,  a non moral hacker who stole credit card numbers, did illegal stuff to individuals years before, the FBI knew it, offered him a deal, he took it saving himself to rat out his higher cause and fellow anons. Our legal system is a huge disappointment. We have people in jail who have done nothing wrong, serving ungodly sentences, 100 years for nothing, when murderers get maybe 25 years of sentencing.  The people in power  do not want to see the internet open to all of us, think how powerful it is that people from all over the world are informed and get to chime in, work together, fight against the misconduct of our governments, military , banks,corporations etc…..  Humanity coming to the aid of all, whenever, wherever there is injustice, it does not get more beautiful then that.

Aaron Swartz was a special human being, I mentioned in March of  2013 one of many fighting for our open free internet. There is a documentary that came out in January 2014,  The Internet’s own boy, The Story of Aaron Swartz.He took his own life , I believe he could not fight the power coming at him wanting to take him down, out, unlawfully, he never broke any laws, and yet he was facing an ungodly time behind bars.  He has a resume of work,  organizations you should check out one of the websites he founded and many contributions to our freedom of information.