Month: June 2014

College Sports Making Bank, While Robbing and Enslaving Players

If you support College Sports you need to look into the universities and all the sports associations bank roll for the revolving sports year in and out.  South parks crack baby athletic association episode(season 15 episode 5) explains it best, we are enslaving the players and increasing the pockets of  several thieves (Universities, NCAAUSCAA, EA sports,etc.. ). Most  the associations are non profit organizations. They are tax exempt like most corporations, they are simply swimming in a sea of un labored money off hardworking athletes , employees.  When are we going to stop being, and allowing to be exploited ?   The first step is to stop supporting, contributing to all the evil, greedy corporations and organizations.

Where Are The Ann Richards In Politics ?

Ann Richards is my kind of human, we need more of her in our political arena.  I watched the documentary that HBO did and what a great piece, footage between the early 80’s and  90’s of her political roles, she was a force, and a real example of an elected official by and for the people.  The film is an introduction or a reminder to all of us of who Ms. Richards was.   She was a woman and a mother who cared about the community/state she lived in.  She was a history teacher who went on to become Travis County Commissioner (1977-1983),  Texas State treasurer (1983-1991) and then in 1991-1995  the second female Governor of Texas. As Treasurer she managed the states money,  she understood the mismanaging of funds. Texas and its citizens had been robbed for over 50 + years, and she wanted to make it right, the way a true treasurer would do the job.  When you follow the money trail you are in the know of where funds are being  misappropriated and she was going to put the money back into Texas and its citizens, increasing it, and she did.  During the campaigning for governor she questioned former governor Mark White‘s  increase in salary  from 59,905-812,219 after 4  years in office. The footage reiterates the corruption, bureaucracy that still goes on in state and federal government.   She kicked butt in Texas , she did her job dutifully as treasurer and governor.  As Governor she was winning for a little while,  She fought for health, education, gender, race, everyone was inclusive, all were citizens in her state of Texas (minorities,women, blacks, Hispanics, gays etc…), however special interest groups were not going to stand for it. Enters Karl Rove to promote George Bush (1995) for Governor (Karl Rove has been the mastermind behind republicans being elected for years).  She wanted better for her citizens and not the pockets of elected officials and corporations.  With the internet at our finger tips, we need to walk away from censored news , all the bull#% propaganda they cram into our ears and eyes.  Government officials and corporations want the revolving door,  all the players who do favors for big money, for their friends in all the top places, they are all connected folks, moving from one money bag position to the other.  If you looked up government state and federal officials, their income should not be millions, their salaries do not go anywhere near that, all that money should be going to the states and improvements for the lives of citizens( health, eduction,jobs,) not theirs.

FIFA Wars In Brazil

Brazil is hosting the world cup and its citizens are up in arms because of the  11.3 billion dollars spent to have the FIFA world cup built in their country, while its people are starving in the streets.   It is a world event that is being promoted, celebrated at the mercy of the countries citizens and well being.  Who really benefits after the event is over?  Will they recover the money spent ?

Brazilians have been protesting for over a year and we need to take pointers, to stand for blatant misuse of government money.  They are giving a voice for income inequality, health care, public education, does any of this sound familiar ?  It should, because it is happening here in the U.S.  Do not forget our Occupy Wall Street and our Occupy brothers and sisters who are reminding us and voicing criminal injustice to all everywhere.  Wall Street has, and is still affecting all of us around the globe, and still getting away with it !

It Is Sad To Sell Out, And Betray One of Your Own Sabu

For those of you who are not familiar, anonymous  is a global group fighting for the internet and our given rights as citizens.  Individuals of all countries coming together anonymously, to the aid of of many along the globe, through the internet.  On May 27th this year, Hector Xavier Monsegur , (goes by Sabu) made the news that he was being released only after serving 10 months for betrayal, snitching on his fellow anons.  He is responsible for turning in Barret Brown and many others, giving away vital protective information regarding the group.

This is a criminal, Sabu,  a non moral hacker who stole credit card numbers, did illegal stuff to individuals years before, the FBI knew it, offered him a deal, he took it saving himself to rat out his higher cause and fellow anons. Our legal system is a huge disappointment. We have people in jail who have done nothing wrong, serving ungodly sentences, 100 years for nothing, when murderers get maybe 25 years of sentencing.  The people in power  do not want to see the internet open to all of us, think how powerful it is that people from all over the world are informed and get to chime in, work together, fight against the misconduct of our governments, military , banks,corporations etc…..  Humanity coming to the aid of all, whenever, wherever there is injustice, it does not get more beautiful then that.

Aaron Swartz was a special human being, I mentioned in March of  2013 one of many fighting for our open free internet. There is a documentary that came out in January 2014,  The Internet’s own boy, The Story of Aaron Swartz.He took his own life , I believe he could not fight the power coming at him wanting to take him down, out, unlawfully, he never broke any laws, and yet he was facing an ungodly time behind bars.  He has a resume of work,  organizations you should check out one of the websites he founded and many contributions to our freedom of information.

Mr. And Mrs. Brusaw

Solar roadways, what do you think about them ?  Scott and Julie Brusaw are wanting to put to use the sun, our recyclables eliminating the growth of our landfields,  moving us forward in our environmental way of thinking.  Here is a link to their website  which will provide information on their great idea.


I went back to work today after staying home last week to heal my back.  I was a little apprehensive wondering  if I might re injure it, or something along those lines, I still plan on using extra precaution.  I want to include a sports massage and a visit to a chiropractor  in the near future for my healing regime.




Pensacola, Florida Flood, And Its Surrounding Communities

Pensacola, my home town, suffered a big, massive flood on April 29, 30 2014,  we got at least 18 inches of rain, just rain, however neighboring neighborhoods got several feet because of low lying land.  Governor Rick Scott declared Florida a state of emergency .  A lot of residents have lost their homes, many are having to reconstruct theirs, tearing out sheet rock, throwing out furnishings, personal memorabilia,  so far it has affected 3200  residents and businesses.

There is a link in the PNJ website to charity, volunteer groups in the Escambia , Santa Rosa, Okaloosa communities.  For example in Pensacola, manna food pantries  was affected with the flood they need help restocking their shelves to help feed the needy within the community.

Who is covered for flood insurance ?  Most people who live near or on the water get  coverage through their homeowners insurance.  With all the hurricanes and coastal water in Florida, insurance companies make it very expensive to get coverage because they do not want to pay out or get wiped out( go bankrupt).  For people who live in water free zones that coverage was not necessary, so what happens now?  Will residential homes and businesses get assistance from FEMA ? Will they get assistance period?

Here is a list of all types of insurance companies in the United States. ( home health , car, travel. workers compensation etc…)  All this coverage and yet normally we do not get what we pay in to these insurance policies.  Something is mathematically wrong, just wrong period.