The care of veterans has been neglected for at least 7 decades people,   counting back to the Vietnam war.  The issues are revolving on VA benefits, they do not get medical treatment or financial help.  The U.S sends them out to war, gives them thanks with lip service, and calls it a day.  I want to see our congress, government officials, put their uniforms on and go over and fight our battles, wars.  Movies, documentaries like Born on the fourth of July,  Forest Gump give a glimpse of the lives of veterans. There have been countless documentaries through the years of the neglect, abandonment, homelessness, of our military fellows and ladies.

The resignation of Eric Shinseki is not going to fix the problem, clean up, fix the mess, start appropriating the money where it needs to go. Follow the money trail, Government is swindling the money, there are countless programs , all have to have a budget for the year or years of its existence of operation.  You have x amount of men and women deployed you make your budget, war is not a new process, they have had many years to budget.

Here is a list of VA medical facilities in the U.S.