Watched Gasland 2 a couple months ago and it is very upsetting, unsettling the damage we are doing to the many countries, world, water supply and the trail of pollution, not just with fracking but with pumping out states water.  If you never watched it you need to, Tapped came out in 2009.  The Nestle , Coca Cola, and Pepsi corporations are reselling our lands water supply back to us, and to boot, in a much unhealthier manner by the petroleum casing, the bottles created to hold the pumped water that leak toxins in our bodies.  We, all citizens, around the world, need to stop buying bottled water, to stop these companies from selling back our tap water to us.  We are making these corporations richer and ourselves sicker.  Our tap water is  bottled water !


The Ogallala Aquifer is a region of 8 states providing 80% of drinking water supply to those citizens.  Each state, or each country, has its own  water supply and the fracking  and pumping that the gas companies and beverage companies are doing is going to leave us all  without water.  We have to protect our waters.