It is my first time ever going to the Hospitals ER for medical attention.  I do not have my own  doctor .  Now that I am getting older,  visits may start happening more frequently.  I have been very fortunate with my health all these years, nothing broken, nothing needing to get fixed.

I injured my back 3 weeks ago. The pain was not going away so  I  finally went to the ER today to check on it.   I strained my thoracic , they took x rays and  the doctor said  there was no visible damage.  There is no time frame for healing, I will have to wait and see. I have never had back issues until now.   Having a pain in your back that does not go away is super uncomfortable.   I am to apply a little heat (5 min) and ice(15min) 3 times a day, do back stretches, rest, no lifting more then 15 pounds,  and take muscle relaxers  and  motrin that I was prescribed for pain.  I do not like taking any kind of pills.  So for all people who have suffered  back damage, I feel for you.     I do not exercise, however I will start with strengthening my stomach and back.