Month: May 2014

Veterans Have Been Abandoned At Least Since The Vietnam War

The care of veterans has been neglected for at least 7 decades people,   counting back to the Vietnam war.  The issues are revolving on VA benefits, they do not get medical treatment or financial help.  The U.S sends them out to war, gives them thanks with lip service, and calls it a day.  I want to see our congress, government officials, put their uniforms on and go over and fight our battles, wars.  Movies, documentaries like Born on the fourth of July,  Forest Gump give a glimpse of the lives of veterans. There have been countless documentaries through the years of the neglect, abandonment, homelessness, of our military fellows and ladies.

The resignation of Eric Shinseki is not going to fix the problem, clean up, fix the mess, start appropriating the money where it needs to go. Follow the money trail, Government is swindling the money, there are countless programs , all have to have a budget for the year or years of its existence of operation.  You have x amount of men and women deployed you make your budget, war is not a new process, they have had many years to budget.

Here is a list of VA medical facilities in the U.S.

The Ogallala Aquifer And Surrounding Tap Water

Watched Gasland 2 a couple months ago and it is very upsetting, unsettling the damage we are doing to the many countries, world, water supply and the trail of pollution, not just with fracking but with pumping out states water.  If you never watched it you need to, Tapped came out in 2009.  The Nestle , Coca Cola, and Pepsi corporations are reselling our lands water supply back to us, and to boot, in a much unhealthier manner by the petroleum casing, the bottles created to hold the pumped water that leak toxins in our bodies.  We, all citizens, around the world, need to stop buying bottled water, to stop these companies from selling back our tap water to us.  We are making these corporations richer and ourselves sicker.  Our tap water is  bottled water !


The Ogallala Aquifer is a region of 8 states providing 80% of drinking water supply to those citizens.  Each state, or each country, has its own  water supply and the fracking  and pumping that the gas companies and beverage companies are doing is going to leave us all  without water.  We have to protect our waters.


Louis Theroux Introduces Brandon Fouche


On the rainy road yesterdayLouis Theroux, one of my favorite journalists providing many years of great journalistic documentary reporting, did a piece on  LA dogs

He reports on the epidemic of strays, unwanted animals, that are abandoned onto the streets of LA by pet owners, or taken to dog shelters being erroneously and needlessly killed. Brandon Fouche has a thing or two to teach us, rescuing and working with abandoned abused animals that citizens create. He  proves that the majority of the abused and neglected dogs labeled as aggressive in shelters, who are killed, can recover, moving them forward in the now, healthy moment, and not their old fearful and abused past. He is a voice for these incorrectly labeled dogs wanting the public to see that 99% of the mis labeled aggressive, issued dogs in shelters are adoptable. It is very rare when dogs are too far damaged to rehabilitate.

There is a huge sector of  irresponsible pet owners who get a dog and then are clueless to the responsibilities and care of them. They end up abandoning them on the streets, or taking them to a shelter.

I’m a fan Mr. Fouche !!!  It is my duty to circulate this important  information. Lets stop killing animals, creating a huge population of neglected , mis labeled dogs that pet owners, breeders,  or dog fighters are responsible for generating .

Lets stop putting animals out on the streets, in shelters, over breeding, dog fighting.

My HTC Break

There are 3 major operating systems for cell phones ( iphone, android,  and windows). There are others however not as popular.

My HTC one x (android) phone completely died a month ago. I have only had it 6 months, not happy.   I decided to go with a cheaper phone temporarily, it is a Nokia windows phone only cost me around $ 72.00, I have the micro sim card  through my HTC phone, so I needed to match it by simply switching it out to a new phone that had the same size Sim card slot. I took the sim out from my HTC phone and swapped it into the Nokia.  I am impressed with the quality of  the Nokia’s features.



A Visit To The ER Today

It is my first time ever going to the Hospitals ER for medical attention.  I do not have my own  doctor .  Now that I am getting older,  visits may start happening more frequently.  I have been very fortunate with my health all these years, nothing broken, nothing needing to get fixed.

I injured my back 3 weeks ago. The pain was not going away so  I  finally went to the ER today to check on it.   I strained my thoracic , they took x rays and  the doctor said  there was no visible damage.  There is no time frame for healing, I will have to wait and see. I have never had back issues until now.   Having a pain in your back that does not go away is super uncomfortable.   I am to apply a little heat (5 min) and ice(15min) 3 times a day, do back stretches, rest, no lifting more then 15 pounds,  and take muscle relaxers  and  motrin that I was prescribed for pain.  I do not like taking any kind of pills.  So for all people who have suffered  back damage, I feel for you.     I do not exercise, however I will start with strengthening my stomach and back.

Another Brake During A Break

So in December I stepped away from my laptop again, having a physically demanding job leaves me little time for other projects. I am currently working more hours than my honey bunny , he is pursuing his dream of being a stand up comic and he is amazing.  He has already done several payed gigs within the gulf coast area(Alabama, Louisiana) only  6 months into his journey.  He knows how to deliver a punch line, well many. He dominates the English language, and is very layered in his delivery ( highbrow). He is very intelligent, quick wit, very knowledgeable, and all of that is a plus in the field of comedy.   He is old school style like George Carlin , Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg,Dennis Miller.  I met him 12 years ago in a speech class and he was an amazing speaker then ! He can do anything. He has many skills one is a software engineer/ programmer, writer.  Comedy will not be his only legacy.