Nat’s selfie

So here I am laying in bed taking my first picture of myself with my new phone.  I  took it with my recently ordered and received new HTC One X phone on Ebay.  It is an older model however with my line of work, it meets my needs.  I never buy the newest gadget, they are way over priced and you can get last years model way cheaper and not lagging in the newer technology.  My LG phone I loved, however it was not keeping or holding a charge like it use to, it was smaller and the picture quality was lower.

I have had a semi cold since Saturday night. I say semi because it is not like a full blown bed ridden cold that lasts for the first day or two.  Someone was able to transfer their sickies onto me.  Darn you immune system !  My ribs hurt from coughing, and my lungs are working overtime. I want to get back to healthier me.