Month: December 2013

Recycling Our Trash In America, Only To Ship It, And Get It Back From China

This is my recycling bin that I use however I was told that we ship  IMAG0108and sell our recyclables to China in bulk. So the garbage that I separate, my government sells to China. How many states recycle their garbage ? How many citizens recycle their garbage ? How much do we ship and how often  to China ? There is something horribly wrong with this. I thought recycling  was suppose to be a partial solution to garbage in our landfills, and to move corporations into a healthier  way for packaging to decompose.  It reminds me of my  post on December 21 , 2012 regarding the documentary , The human footprint ?  We need to come up with a better solution of  consumption and how we dispose of it.  I want to get to the bottom of the effectiveness and trail of recycling our garbage.

My New Phone Equals Easier Connectivity and First Picture of Me on My Blog

Nat’s selfie

So here I am laying in bed taking my first picture of myself with my new phone.  I  took it with my recently ordered and received new HTC One X phone on Ebay.  It is an older model however with my line of work, it meets my needs.  I never buy the newest gadget, they are way over priced and you can get last years model way cheaper and not lagging in the newer technology.  My LG phone I loved, however it was not keeping or holding a charge like it use to, it was smaller and the picture quality was lower.

I have had a semi cold since Saturday night. I say semi because it is not like a full blown bed ridden cold that lasts for the first day or two.  Someone was able to transfer their sickies onto me.  Darn you immune system !  My ribs hurt from coughing, and my lungs are working overtime. I want to get back to healthier me.