This Is Buddy

I have never had a pet cat. My mom fed a stray 14 years ago who had 2 babies and now she is the only survivor, so I  have had exposure to her cats.  I am more of a dog person, since losing Sandy last February, the cats are a nice distraction.   When my brother-in-law passed away his cat had kittens and we brought one of the kittens home, not sure what happened to momma, and if we got the only surviving offspring. The cat (buddy) stays outside and we have a community of cats that come over and eat since his arrival.  They are all entertaining, not sure if they are all strays, however we welcome them. They are all different colors and sizes, they all gather on our deck, plus we have had raccoons and possums come by as well.  Where there is food, they will come.

More pictures of all the fury friends coming soon !