I can not remember which individual made the statement,  however I agree and I am restating it.  In NASCAR the drivers put their sponsors on their vehicles or on their jumpsuits,  well I believe that representatives and senators in congress should have to divulge who they represent, by wearing a badge, which banks, companies, etc…that they back or vote for, regarding big business sponsored interest. I would like to know the laws the representatives , senators, are in favor of by the companies that buy them.  Really the whole lobbying strategy disgust me, that big companies pay big money to get the laws they want in place.  Most of these laws are not environmentally friendly, consumer friendly, simply not planet friendly.  Our congress is bought off by companies, and making horrible legislation, all this is criminal activity that occurs everyday America!

I would like to know, but more importantly, I would like to see lobbyist exit the arena completely in the law making process of our government, money should not be the deciding voice of America, we the citizens should be !