Thanksgiving is a day carved out for family,  if  your location or other factors do not allow for much family time, today or most holidays will be the day, like today.   However it occurs for you, I hope you enjoy all its aspects.  Family comes in  a variety of packages nowadays, so who or what represents your family is to each individual.  On most holidays it involves food , and who does not enjoy a smorgasbord of cuisine , especially if you did not have to cook it !   My parents, I believe to this day, have never missed cooking a thanksgiving meal, we have never gone out.  There is something magical about my mothers cooking, and it is always a treat for me.

So today I will be splitting myself in two and inviting my boyfriends side of the family over and then darting off to my mom and dads to visit and enjoy the two meals.  Telling and playing catch up with our lives , sharing family stories or adventures.