Hello family and friends, I’m still with the landscaping job, and it is really physically taxing, more than I thought. It has caused me to take a backseat to living, my family, and I am not proud of that.  My philosophy has never been to live to, or, for work, however, it is what I have been doing. I dropped the ball on balancing, juggling, work and play, however I will improve on it.  I have let my nieces and nephews down by disappearing, where before the landscaping job, I was always more present with them .  The younger ones especially, do not understand as well as the older ones why I am  not coming around.   I am a 44 year old woman, so it is a little more challenging in the energy department.  You are never too old for most things, however aging does put up an obstacle or two in your path.  Aging slows you down, however it will never stop you.  Shoot, all I have to do is look no further than my parents who are living examples, still moving, healthy in every way.

In June We lost my brother -in-law and I became even a little more withdrawn, I owe a Huge apology to my brother and sister-in-law for reaching out to me and I just withdrew, it was a new experience , I was embarrassed that it took my brother in-laws passing to see a glimpse of how difficult loss is, that  my amazing sister-in-law Jeannie has already lost 3 members of her family and I was never there for her. Even though loss does not affect you directly, it may some day and I hope that when it does you have people to help you threw it.  We all have to face our own struggles however it makes it just a little easier in our day to day lives to have love come in, demonstrated in its many colorful ways.

I have fallen behind a little with U.S. and worldly affairs; Benghazi, Iran nuclear weapons Affordable Care Acttyphoon in the Philippines, etc…  all things I will be commenting on.