Month: November 2013

Cats Are A New Part Of My World

This Is Buddy

I have never had a pet cat. My mom fed a stray 14 years ago who had 2 babies and now she is the only survivor, so I  have had exposure to her cats.  I am more of a dog person, since losing Sandy last February, the cats are a nice distraction.   When my brother-in-law passed away his cat had kittens and we brought one of the kittens home, not sure what happened to momma, and if we got the only surviving offspring. The cat (buddy) stays outside and we have a community of cats that come over and eat since his arrival.  They are all entertaining, not sure if they are all strays, however we welcome them. They are all different colors and sizes, they all gather on our deck, plus we have had raccoons and possums come by as well.  Where there is food, they will come.

More pictures of all the fury friends coming soon !

I Want To Know Who or What Each Congress Member Backs, or Represents

I can not remember which individual made the statement,  however I agree and I am restating it.  In NASCAR the drivers put their sponsors on their vehicles or on their jumpsuits,  well I believe that representatives and senators in congress should have to divulge who they represent, by wearing a badge, which banks, companies, etc…that they back or vote for, regarding big business sponsored interest. I would like to know the laws the representatives , senators, are in favor of by the companies that buy them.  Really the whole lobbying strategy disgust me, that big companies pay big money to get the laws they want in place.  Most of these laws are not environmentally friendly, consumer friendly, simply not planet friendly.  Our congress is bought off by companies, and making horrible legislation, all this is criminal activity that occurs everyday America!

I would like to know, but more importantly, I would like to see lobbyist exit the arena completely in the law making process of our government, money should not be the deciding voice of America, we the citizens should be !

Are Holidays A Designated Family Day ?

Thanksgiving is a day carved out for family,  if  your location or other factors do not allow for much family time, today or most holidays will be the day, like today.   However it occurs for you, I hope you enjoy all its aspects.  Family comes in  a variety of packages nowadays, so who or what represents your family is to each individual.  On most holidays it involves food , and who does not enjoy a smorgasbord of cuisine , especially if you did not have to cook it !   My parents, I believe to this day, have never missed cooking a thanksgiving meal, we have never gone out.  There is something magical about my mothers cooking, and it is always a treat for me.

So today I will be splitting myself in two and inviting my boyfriends side of the family over and then darting off to my mom and dads to visit and enjoy the two meals.  Telling and playing catch up with our lives , sharing family stories or adventures.

7 Months Is Too Long, Too Much Has Occured To Not Comment

Hello family and friends, I’m still with the landscaping job, and it is really physically taxing, more than I thought. It has caused me to take a backseat to living, my family, and I am not proud of that.  My philosophy has never been to live to, or, for work, however, it is what I have been doing. I dropped the ball on balancing, juggling, work and play, however I will improve on it.  I have let my nieces and nephews down by disappearing, where before the landscaping job, I was always more present with them .  The younger ones especially, do not understand as well as the older ones why I am  not coming around.   I am a 44 year old woman, so it is a little more challenging in the energy department.  You are never too old for most things, however aging does put up an obstacle or two in your path.  Aging slows you down, however it will never stop you.  Shoot, all I have to do is look no further than my parents who are living examples, still moving, healthy in every way.

In June We lost my brother -in-law and I became even a little more withdrawn, I owe a Huge apology to my brother and sister-in-law for reaching out to me and I just withdrew, it was a new experience , I was embarrassed that it took my brother in-laws passing to see a glimpse of how difficult loss is, that  my amazing sister-in-law Jeannie has already lost 3 members of her family and I was never there for her. Even though loss does not affect you directly, it may some day and I hope that when it does you have people to help you threw it.  We all have to face our own struggles however it makes it just a little easier in our day to day lives to have love come in, demonstrated in its many colorful ways.

I have fallen behind a little with U.S. and worldly affairs; Benghazi, Iran nuclear weapons Affordable Care Acttyphoon in the Philippines, etc…  all things I will be commenting on.