Month: April 2013

Boston Bombing

It was horrible to see and hear of the injuries innocent runners and spectators endured from this violent act.  I have a lot of questions regarding the pursuit for the two chechnyan brothers, the backpacks did not match the color of the bags found.  Did the video capture them? Did we get the right guys ? Are they the only guys or individuals involved ?We were taken on this storyline of guilty from the get go.  I feel and felt we were sold a story.  I am sorry however I question everything.  Eyewitness says suspect was alive , overhearing police talking. eyewitnesses say at the house with the boat, that they heard a lot of gun fire and explosions,   the media is saying the the suspect only fired at police, and that they were waiting for him to bleed out because of concerns of suicide vest.  I am not buying it.


I have been watching the news and new material, different versions,are coming out.

The NRA Needs To Change Their Minimum Wage

Not to be confused with the National Rifle Association, I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher and one of his guests was Saru Jayaraman who was introducing one of her books, Behind The Kitchen Door, regarding the National Restaurant Association and how they need to increase the current minimum wage of  $ 2.13  for over 10 million workers in the  restaurant industry.  How is this still so low ?  The NRA is the 10th powerful lobbyist, making 4 times the profit margins of  Walmart . Something is mathematically wrong !

Senator Elizabeth Warren said “since  1960  as productivity went up wages should have gone up, she stated minimum wage should be at $22.00 an hour today( 53 years later ) it is only at $7.75 today what happen to the other  $14.75 ? It  did not go to workers, where did it go ?”

 We need to think about cost of living, inflation, the amount of people in America that spend all their time working and are barely making it on their working wages.  The math, the study of economics, does not add up in our wages versus cost of living.  We have been duped, the increase of wages, those $14.00 are going somewhere, not to the working folks.  Why did they freeze the minimum wage to $ 2.13 minimum ?  Restaurant workers with minimum wage and  tips,  are still not making that much, and even other industry workers earning  $7.75 minimum wage.



DEFCON Compiles And Exchanges Great Information

DEFCON  has been holding conferences for the past 15 plus years.  It is a great bundle of professionals who share information on problems within our technical industry, anything that can be hacked.  This video introduces the founder and history of Defcon.  I always appreciate watching and learning vulnerabilities or insight into products that are used by consumers and companies.  You can always watch their conferences on YouTube.

It’s Another Sports Season For My Nephews

Landon is playing t-ball, and Bryce finished his basketball season and is on to baseball.  Both boys take after their dad with natural sports abilities, they are both very good in all sports they play.

I unfortunately have not been able to attend any games as of yet.  My new job has been the most physically demanding one I have ever had. I usually do not get off until 5 or 6  (Back on November 25th when I blogged about my weight when I went skydiving) it just makes it a little more of a challenge.


It has been on the Internet and now it has been picked up by HBO.  Vice , it is simply  great  global reporting news, it has been doing so since 2007.  It originally started as a magazine, and its vision has evolved.

I just watched their first show on HBO , you can go on YouTube and watch hundreds of their older documentary videos.

Military Industrial Complex

Do we know enough about it and its operations, the Military Industrial Complex ?  What is the common denominator of countries we go to war with, or dictators we have removed ?  Who are the countries we go to war with, and why ? (Do not go by what we are told by media or our political leaders, research it all !)

“the entire network of contracts and flows of money and resources among individuals as well as corporations and institutions of the defense contractors, The Pentagon, the Congress and executive branch

We have increased the number of military bases in Iraq since our war there, Saddam Hussein saw what was coming and we eliminated him unlawfully.

If you are a soldier in the military you have an obligation to fight for freedom for all, not kill unjustly and needlessly, you defend the U.S. Constitution, Not its lies and corruption.

Nat’s Documentary Pick

Hackers Wanted , its a film on hackers hacking, explaining the overall importance of its continuous existence.  So please, when you here the term, think of it in its correct proper definition, there is no negative connotation with what it means or its culture of individuals. We do a disservice to important issues when we do not do the research.  The  world wide web and the internet are very powerful tools, that are heavily relied upon globally.

Adrian Lamo is in the film, ( a hacktivist) I wonder how his life is going since the Bradley Manning incarceration ?

Other influencial hackers: John Draper  and Robert Lyttle.