Month: March 2013

New Gun Laws Are Swarming, Do We Want Them ?

Everything on TV right now is about gun ownership and gun laws.  The media is showing gun fanatics being interviewed, people, families who want restricted access. How often are mass gun shootings happening ? The numbers are simply not high enough to take guns out of circulation.  We supply guns to  many countries, look at what happened in Mexico ,  Eric Holder lost track of tracked guns ( fast and furious).  Do  not believe the hype, they amp up the issue on the media and repeat it over and over to get us to surrender.  Here is an article that breaks down the mass shootings in the last century. Numbers do not lie, America does not have a problem with guns.

The state or stance of countries regarding firearms.

Nat’s New Job

I work between a 6 to 12 hour day, five days a week ( I’m sure in the summer it will be 6 days a week).  I enjoy mostly everything about it,( the only downside is breathing in dust, pollen debris in leaves, grass and plants)  I drive a truck with a trailer, and I travel all areas of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Gulf Breeze.

It keeps me very busy so I do not have a lot of down time to think about my Sandy.   My brother in- law is fighting his battle with cancer.  It is very upsetting that our globe is over run with a high number of individuals and animals affected with cancer.

Something is very wrong with cancer running rampant across the globe, and no cure, after countless years of study.  I do not buy it.

Must See Documentary

Ethos, is a documentary to watch ! It is in its entirety on YouTube here for your viewing.    The information provided in the film is to get you to think about how we keep corporations in business, if we changed what we bought, we would see the change we want. It goes into other important areas (Banks, Private Bankers of Federal Reserve Bank ,Corporations,ect..) that many people fail to see.

There is an abundance of good documentaries on the internet, you just have to research and depending on your viewing choices, you tube will offer similar suggestions based on your areas of interest.



Aaron Swartz, Have You Heard Of Him ?

Aaron Swartz, if you have never heard of him, you should, you need to.  He was a pioneer in our internet. He was being prosecuted by our Government for JSTOR, with an insane sentencing.  (something like 50 years in jail, when people who commit hanis crimes serve less than that) The harassment and ridiculous, false charges towards him were unconstitutional.  The government wants to eliminate our free internet using guinea pigs like Aaron to send a message.  Do you remember SOPA ? It is no joke, if you look at the uprising of citizens around the world, the global sharing  citizens and their countries true news, the government wants to lock it down, and we can not allow this to happen.  The Internet is 10 times more powerful than local libraries, you have immediate access to countries in seconds, the lies, the censored news, cannot be hidden anymore like they use to be.  If we value and understand the information and power behind the internet culture, we should have more people fighting to keep the internet open and free.

There are those of us that see our rights continually being taken away, and I know that number is not high enough.


Back To Typing And Sharing Again !!

It has been a little over a month since I have been blogging.  Different things have been going on, changes.  A couple of months ago I lost my dog Sandy, I miss her terribly,  and I cry every now and then, she was one of a kind.  She was the best dog, the best companion. I think and look at things a little differently.

I work with a landscaping, nursery company now.  I love being out doors and working on commercial and residential landscapes.  As soon as I get my new phone I will start posting pictures and videos.  I still plan on doing P90, now that I am more physically active, using many more muscles, I will be less intimidated and more conditioned for it. Walking and running was not working all areas of my body.

I am not a fanatic when it comes to working out or looking good, I just want to challenge myself to stay active, strong, and healthy for as long as I can in my life.  I want to be able to do anything physical, and have nothing hold me back.  There is no certainty in life, so I want to seize opportunities to do mostly anything.