My precious Sandy passed on Sunday morning.  The days seem different without seeing her.  She was a beautiful noble soul, one of a kind.  Sandy is in my thoughts, and I remember different moments about her.  I was just telling my mom that she was a unique dog.  We never went through a chewing faze with her,she never destroyed leather, shoes, socks, nothing.  She was the best behaved dog, super smart. Well, she did like laying in grandma and grandpa’s flower beds, and eating their green peppers. She could never be petted enough, she would nudge you with her nose on your hand if you stopped.

My beautiful boyfriend had mentioned that if I wanted to get another dog, he was for it, of course he stated it was not to replace Sandy.  Without a doubt, I will eventually get another dog.  I want to keep my heart open to a new experience with a new dog, with new lessons to be learned.  It is one of the best relationships you can ever have.