Month: February 2013

Love The Newsroom

The Newsroom, written by Aaron Sorkin, (bravo !) the chemistry between the characters Will McCoy (played by Jeff Daniels) and MacKensie McHale (by Emily Mortimer),  is similar to the onstage chemistry between Annette Benning and Michael Douglas in American President.  It is simply incredible writing for all the characters.  It’s a look inside a daily account of how news is verified, reported, choices made for what is televised to the public.  Another amazing product from HBO, season 2 starts in June !

It is how we would like to see our news being reported, the important stories, the truth.  Our news broadcasting companies are in the toilet, It needs to change.

Oil Drilling In Black Water River

What do locals in Escambia, Santa Rosa County, who live near and frequent the Black Water River think of this plan ? Doug Broxson a Florida state representative, has re introduced  the bill, last time a gentleman by the name of Clay Ford had introduced it and it was killed. They are using bringing jobs, to make it attractive,  really, who guarantees that the natural forest will not be harmed, and land around it.

I watched Promised Land last night and, I wanted to see how far they had come from the documentary GasLand.  I wrote a blog on Dec 8, 2010 about Josh Fox on fracking.  He is back  making a follow up documentary GasLand II, I can not wait.  He is causing more waves, watch the linked video from Democracy Now.  He has been speaking about this for several years now, the very real and grave concern of gas drilling, the documented reports of contamination and undisclosed truths of land, air, water, pollution.

See You Later Dear Family Friend

My precious Sandy passed on Sunday morning.  The days seem different without seeing her.  She was a beautiful noble soul, one of a kind.  Sandy is in my thoughts, and I remember different moments about her.  I was just telling my mom that she was a unique dog.  We never went through a chewing faze with her,she never destroyed leather, shoes, socks, nothing.  She was the best behaved dog, super smart. Well, she did like laying in grandma and grandpa’s flower beds, and eating their green peppers. She could never be petted enough, she would nudge you with her nose on your hand if you stopped.

My beautiful boyfriend had mentioned that if I wanted to get another dog, he was for it, of course he stated it was not to replace Sandy.  Without a doubt, I will eventually get another dog.  I want to keep my heart open to a new experience with a new dog, with new lessons to be learned.  It is one of the best relationships you can ever have.