We took her to the vet yesterday and I got the worst news.  My beautiful dog has bone cancer in her elbow that is why she can not use her leg, and the cancer has spread to her lungs and ribs.  I am so sorry for her, my poor babies organs are collapsing, she is slowly dying.  I was hoping we had gotten all the cancer.  ( she was operated on last May with adenocarcinoma in her mammary gland)  She is the best dog, friend I could ever have been blessed with.  I have never experienced a direct immediate family loss until now, and its too much.  As the tears run down my face, I was not expecting this outcome yet, the facts are not good, however maybe a miracle could happen.  She is so brave,  still nurturing and still loving after 10 years, worrying about us, despite her condition. I do not want to lose her.  I try not to cry near her because she senses all that.

Its a double whammy because it affects my boyfriend just as hard, he is losing his buddy.  Cancer has played a big part of his life with ones close to him. This is a hard time for our hearts.