I hope that people really start to think about the huge significance of Martin Luther King, he stood up for everyone that was being discriminated, the poor, military vets, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.  He was not biased, he was not only thinking of his race, he saw inequality happening everywhere.  The most obvious group were the blacks who where getting mistreated they had no legal rights, voting, owning a home.  He understood in a country of freedom, all must be free and have the same rights, not some.  And we still have small versions of Mr. Kings crusade, however it should be bigger, most recently our Occupy Wallstreet brothers and sisters, Our LGBT  etc.

If we do not stand for everyone to have the same rights, then our Government and its legislation continue to have power over us,  eliminating  all our rights, our freedoms.  If you single out groups such as homosexuals, gender, equal pay, people who have fire arms, people without health coverage, over taxing the poor, people of a different race, by limiting or taking away our inalienable rights for certain groups,  a republic country will never happen.  We, the citizens of the U.S., keep the continuance of ignorance alive, keeping ourselves divided and defeated for not standing up for each others rights, and amended rights in the Constitution.

If lawful rights are being taken away from groups of citizens, and we do nothing, the powers see the ignorance we display amongst ourselves, our brothers and sisters, we take no action to stand for equality, so it is happening to all of us.  We are getting screwed and it is time to get our heads out of our butts and to start paying attention to the important issues and choices, rather than the many superficial choices we have.