CNN eliminated its entire department of international investigating , this was done last spring 03/2012,  WTF ?  Journalist have been traveling abroad for stories for eons, what kind of crap is that, what kind of news will CNN be providing ?   Pictures Photoshopped, TV footage that is made up, this is why you can not rely on the media folks.  On The Daily Show,  you can catch Jon Oliver  speaking to an ex CNN journalist Kaj Larsen, and Brad Adgate. (he is a media analyst, SVP research, for Horizon Media) (Still trying to find out about Horizon Media, who the heck are they ?)  If anyone has researched this company please fill me in, in the mean time I will continue to research.

The Newsroom on HBO, a TV series that I’m assuming is basically a mockery of our news system in the U.S., not sure however I will report back when I watch it.