Do you believe that Illuminati still exists ? Think about our history, blue blood lines, and wanting to keep  family power alive and govern the world in a certain  controlled direction.  They infiltrate all areas of the government, CIA, All levels or organizations.  TV, the music industry , are two of the many areas they are degrading to destroy a stand up society.  What you see and hear influences you and if the standards keep getting lower and lower, slowly you accept all the crap, and are left with no backbone to fight.  Children’s promiscuity at such early ages 9 and 10, where do you think that comes from ? They are bombarded by the crap that they watch.  TV is getting worse and worse.  There is exploitation of children shows, women, and we allow it.  We are so blinded by the infiltration  agenda to dummy us down,  TV choices, paying attention to what the real message is.

A couple of years ago parents were up in arms with Disney, boycotting them for their subliminal messages of sex in their movies.  Things are put in there purposefully.  Music videos and lyrics can tell a very different story if you are paying attention.

In music Tupac Shakur wrote about the secret society, illuminati and how it was still well and alive today. He is revered for all the truth he put into his music, he was a smart man and he made people think.  He comes from a humble activist lineage. ( Geronimo Pratt, mom, Afeni) This is a great article, take a look back in history, this behavior , this society has been here for a long time. This is a video to watch, however for children it is not suitable, it has profanity.