So it was a couple days before the jump when I guessed my weight of 160.  I never did get on the scale to weigh myself before the jump.  (Not smart) So a couple days later I decide to get on a home scale.  I stepped on it and it read 220, I was in disbelief.   So I tell my boyfriend and he instantly tells me there is no way that is my weight. (how sweet and supportive of him)  He had guessed my weight at 150.  The following day at my hair appointment I tell my hair dresser the scale said 220 .  Later that night, I tell my mother my weight, and she asks me if I weighed myself on the carpet , and I tell her yes, she laughingly says I’m not suppose to on carpet.  So when I re weigh myself, scale shows 190.  I guessed my weight at 160  because I really thought I had lost weight, then the real number appeared.  It sounds ridiculous, however I did it.  The number is hard to see and digest, however I can do something different about it .    I did forget  also that a couple of months ago I had started running  and adding time to my walks.    I walk with my dog Sandy, she is a motivator too, dogs love their walks and ever since the removal of  her cancer tumor, she has to live a doubly purposeful life.  I am slowly building my endurance with running, I jog 2 or 3 days a week building my distance. Sandy joins me in the runs also, a real trooper !