It has been seven years since I have been on a motorcycle.   I can not believe it has been that long ! Well before that, there was a bigger time gap. I was a teenager living in Spain and I went with a friend to Sevilla on a bike, and another time, took my sister’s dirt bike for a ride out in town.  Sevilla was a long bike ride, at least for my bottom, and it was on a Harley.  I was not quite sure about the function of the gears on my sisters bike, however I took off with it, and took a chance figuring it out along the way.  Well I finally broke the time line, I went riding yesterday and it was great.  I was the passenger so it was still not quite the same, as driving it myself, however I will get there.  It is such a feeling of freedom, to maneuver around all the traffic and be closer to the outside surroundings.