Month: July 2012

We Went Wahoo for the Wahoos

My uncles Bob and Dean drove down from Iowa for a visit, they arrived yesterday afternoon. We all went to a Wahoos 7:00 p.m. baseball game last night, they were playing Mobile BayBears.  Wahoos won 6-3, it is so different watching baseball in a stadium vs my nephews up close games.  Smaller field, space and players, its a n adjustment to the eyes.  This is the first year for the Wahoos and the completion of the stadium.

I Like My Ice Cream, Especially During Hot Summers

Went on another afternoon motorcycle ride out to Pace and then on the way back stopped at Dairy queen off scenic highway for a chocolate dipped cone.  I remember when I was younger (12-13) living in Pensacola and my dad would take us to DQ, I got chocolate dipped cones back then too.  I never went for the super loaded ice cream with sprinkles, syrups,  I was pretty simple.  I was still conservative then with food, I was never over the top.

Embracing New Travel And New Foods

Went for a motorcycle ride, went to Joe Pattis Restaurant for lunch. It is my third time going there in the last 11 years, ( two of those years I was in California) and I’ve enjoyed it each time.  I got the grilled salmon salad.  I was just in a space of eating at home,  doing my own cooking and I have decided to embrace the unknown.  I’m up for the challenge ! I’m conservative yet I am a risk taker, so here I go !

When I was in California I use to go to a Mexican supermarket and I would get bolillos.  It’s a soft bread that had Mexican cream cheese with jalapenos in it.  They are delicious.

Baseball Tournament Comes To An End

Went to my nephews game Tuesday night in Saraland, AL.  They started out strong, scoring 3 runs by the second inning .  In the 5th inning it is when they started making little mistakes, they had their bases loaded, the ball was a foul ball, runners were in motion, stealing bases, told to run by their coach, and then told to go back, they ended up getting 2 outs because of it. The opposing team came back 4-3.  Not sure what place my nephews team will  hold however it just puts more experience under their belts.  Bryce played 2nd baseman for two games, giving him different exposure to his execution of the game.

Fireworks For Our Years Of IndependenceToday

It’s the 4th of July today and reflecting on my day, it was overcast and it rained pretty heavily earlier in the afternoon.  I got to have dinner with my sister and her family.  Fireworks were going off outside the house sporadically.  Before the 9 p.m.  showtime, I zoomed off on the motorcycle to watch the fireworks.  It was a lovely setting  passed graffiti bridge by the Bay front, watching the colorful booming fireworks. People were scattered all along the grassy area before the bay bridge and the fishing pier.

Family Birthday Celebrations In July

For this month we have my nephew Nathans birthday, which was yesterday ! My father and sister share the same day which is coming up !  So my nephew turned 13 and he will be starting over with his move to a new school and new friends.  I wish him all the best on his new experiences in school, his environment/ community and new peers.  I remember moving around with my family during my fathers time in the Navy.


Spain Kicked Italy’s Butt

The fight for the  world cup in soccer was Sunday, Spain vs Italy.  I know my family in Spain was watching, Hole España !! 4-0, Embarrassingly  I was outside so I missed a good chunk of the game.  I get choked up when I see anything having to do with Spain.  The game was an hour and a half and the Spanish dominated the entire time.  Spain is a part of me, I was born there, and I have family there.  I miss not being able to visit more frequently.  I have great, wonderful, loving memories that I carry in my heart and I hope to make more.

Motorcycle Riding Is Back !

It has been seven years since I have been on a motorcycle.   I can not believe it has been that long ! Well before that, there was a bigger time gap. I was a teenager living in Spain and I went with a friend to Sevilla on a bike, and another time, took my sister’s dirt bike for a ride out in town.  Sevilla was a long bike ride, at least for my bottom, and it was on a Harley.  I was not quite sure about the function of the gears on my sisters bike, however I took off with it, and took a chance figuring it out along the way.  Well I finally broke the time line, I went riding yesterday and it was great.  I was the passenger so it was still not quite the same, as driving it myself, however I will get there.  It is such a feeling of freedom, to maneuver around all the traffic and be closer to the outside surroundings.