Month: June 2012

My Sister is Moving Away

My sister got the second relocation orders within a month from each other.  Her husband was promoted so it changed his previous orders (PCS).  Being in the Navy, your choices are sometimes very slim and very quick, anyways, it is all happening so fast, she will be leaving us sometime in August, which is very soon.  There is a difference in being able to drive 15 minutes to get to her, as oppose to 10 plus hours of travel to see her.  (well depends if you are traveling by car or plane) What is relevant is a much greater distance from us where she and her family will be moving. I think about my Maddie not seeing her cousin Landon, missing out on their visits, play dates.  Alyson, Nathan and Bryce will miss out on their cousin time as well, I hope they will stay in contact with each other.  Kids grow up so fast anyway, so to miss out on seeing them so frequently will be a change.  I wish my sister and her family a smooth transition to their new surroundings.

I Like Tom Petty’s Music

Tom Petty has been around for a while, his music is ageless.  I like what he and his band create.   Mr. Petty has written a lot of his songs, he is pretty freaking talented. This particular song is a reminder to stay on your path no matter what the distractions, opinions, you stand for something and you do not recant.

Tom Petty and The heart Breakers, I Won’t Back Down

Lovely Wednesday

I did not go to my nephews game last night.  My father filled me in and there was a question of an illegal bat being used by the opposing team.  The  refs pondered, looked up rules  over the call, let it go during the second inning, in the 4th inning they reversed their call.  The game started back to 2nd inning eliminating any points that were scored during 3rd and 4th innings.  They lost 14-7, however they got the experience.  Next will be football !

So I went and had breakfast this morning at Trigger’s with my sister and her family, family friends, and my dad.  It is the first time I have ever been there, it was breakfast so that was kind of a safe restaurant experiment for me.  I will have to go back and sample the chefs fish dishes, sauces and such.  I’m up for the challenge of my taste buds.

Monday Night Tournament Game

Game was at 6:00 p.m. Daphne against Foley.  Foley Batted first, and my nephew is the second batter in the line up.  He makes it to first base and then without any other base hits he steals all the way home.  That would end up being the only point for Foley.  They started out strong however they were careless with the fly balls.  A lot of errors were made by letting the ball  hit their glove or not catching the ones in the air.  They lost 10-1 in the top of the 5th inning.

So they get one more chance tonight to stay in the tournament.  There game is at 8:00 p.m. so I am looking forward to it.  Go Foley Combat  !!!

All-Star Baseball Games Continue

Went back to Daphne, AL last night to watch another tournament game Foley, Al was playing Fairhope, Al .  We lost that game 10-1.  They were a sharp looking team from their uniform to their team skills.  Fairhope looked like they had really good coaches.  There is a huge selection of coaches and it is unfortunate that children miss out on perfecting their abilities because the coach does not have the skill.  My nephew Bryce’s Foley team do not have much exposure to curveballs being pitched to them, it threw them off !  It is always interesting to hear my father and brother comment on the plays of the game.

My Nephew Is In The All-Star Baseball Tournament In Alabama

I went to Daphne, AL  last night to watch my nephew Bryce’s all-star  Foley Combat team play their first game at 8:00 p.m..  I think he put in  2 weeks of practice with his new collection of Foley players.  This is his fourth year being picked for the all stars.  My brother and father went as well to watch the flourishing seeds of the next generation.  I know Bryce has inherited the natural athletic abilities of his daddy ( my brother was an excellent baseball player, he hit balls out of the park consistently) and his grandfather(my dad use to be a good baseball player)  It is my family, however this is factual, it is what it is, I am a proud aunt, sister, daughter.

So they were down 4-1 and then they came back in the 5th inning.  They had bases loaded for a couple rounds walking their runs in.  Both pitchers on his team are excellent.  Bryce plays 3rd baseman.  They ended up winning 10-4.

Fathers Day Was A Treat For Me

My siblings, myself  and their families went to Five sisters blues cafe and it was great from the food, to the music, to the atmosphere.  We were a large group and we preferred outside.    The day was beautiful and all my nieces and nephews were there, plus my dad. The restaurant provides southern cooking, soul food. The cafe carries a different menu on  Sunday, so I’m curious to see what foods are available M-Sat. You can download their menu on line.  I ordered the chicken strips with the waffle and the chicken kept up to its reputation, tastefully moist, cooked to perfection.

I’m embarking on a new adventure in my community to go to all the hidden jewel eatery places.  So for all you Gulf Coast locals and visitors,  I will be reporting and exploring our distinct magnificent cuisine.  I am picky, I usually like eating and cooking at home, however, I love food, delicious, tasty, flavorful food.  I am a foodie!  So if you have places to recommend in your region by all means share!

June And July Bring A Slew Of Family Birthday Celebrations

In June we celebrate birthdays of my sister-in-law, nephew and myself.  My nephew turned 4 and he is very adamant at letting you know he is older and bigger.  He has recently informed me that he can now reach the button to close the garage door.  He has been trying for the last year or so.  I turned 43 and just feeling younger and excited about the new adventures, things to come into my world.  The age thing does not register, my body tries to remind me every now and then.

I Fished For The First Time

I remember going fishing some few years back, however never participated. I was not sure what I would take away from the experience,  I really do not like to hurt living animals, things.  So away I went last Friday (June 8th) with an open mind.  We got out to salt water after 7 p.m. and were there till after 12 a.m.  It was not the most ideal day because it was really windy. I was casting the fishing rod,  I baited the hook, through the smell, through the hours, and I caught about a 3 pound salt water catfish ! I was told to put the catfish back in the water, they are not edible like the fresh water catfish.

New experiences open up a whole new world to you.  You begin to see something very differently with its endless and inviting opportunities.  If you just look at something, you create a narrow stereotype of what it is or who does it.  There is salt water fishing gear and freshwater fishing gear.  I have things to learn.  So if you are an avid fisherman drop me a line on some important strategies or knowledge you have learned along the way !

Heart Disease In My Family

Heart Disease is one of the top three health problems in America.  Within the last year both my father and brother have had arrhythmia detected, not sure if it is serious or not.  To what extent is it genetic ?  Within the last couple of months I have been overloaded with health scares of my dog, father, and brother.  Every situation is in limbo, a lot of uncertainties.  I know life is full of uncertainties,  it will throw all kinds of scenarios your way at times to see if u have learned and evolved, or it takes you  into brand new unfamiliar territory, experiences, to see how you whether through it.