Sandy’s Stitches

So Chickie pooh had to be at the vets office before 9.  Sandy’s Dr. performs surgeries on Tuesdays, it was May 15,  many thoughts of new moments running through my head( her first surgery, first time being under anesthesia, will she have a bad reaction, possible fatality under the knife,  etc…. ) So we drive to her vets office, once we get out Sandy gets excited to smell all the different animal smells ( cat and dog).

I am not a drama momma I just had normal worries of my loved one.  The vet must have seen the look of concern all over my face, he explained she would get a  loopy shot and then she would get the put her out ketamine shot.  She held up pretty well with the loopy shot, then we went back with her to the surgery room and as soon as he stuck the needle in her vein she was out .  It was an eerie feeling to see your dog lifeless with her tongue just a hanging, and being hooked up to a monitor.  I got a little teary, gave her a big kiss and we took off.

About an hour later we got the call that she was waking up, so we headed back to the vets.  They had her in a large kennel and she was  out of it.  I knelt on the floor next to her, rubbed her head.  It took a good hour maybe before she got up.  It was weird to see her body, motor skills, come to in sections ( from her head all the way back to her tail).  The doc spoke to us and half of what he said about exercise, getting the area wet, went out the window, I was wrapped up in newness, however he did say to call with whatever questions I had.  So we got her back home, she was not herself, she pretty much slept all day, and into the next.  I had antibiotics and pain medicine that I gave her for a couple of days.

So we got the biopsy report and it was adenocarcinoma .  They were two small tumors, doc thinks he got it all, it is an awful limbo state to be in.