Month: April 2012

Mr. Assange, Are You Helping Bradley Manning ?

So I was having a little chat Wednesday about Julian Assange’s new show and the conversation  brought back up Bradley Manning.  Even though Mr. Assange was not the one to turn him over, is he planning on helping Mr. Manning ?  Are the two related to WikiLeaks ?  Remember the news coverage of the hacker Adrian Lamo who chatted with Bradley via internet and turned him in to authorities, is Mr. Lamo connected to WikiLeaks or did he operate solo?  There are some of you who have moved on from the whole WikiLeaks scandal however there are lives at stake, and not all of  the information regarding the involvement is transparent.  I hope more information and aid to Mr. Manning will be forthcoming.

My Dog Sandy And A Little Golf Ball Moment

Sandy is my profile picture that I have on Facebook.  I have 2 pictures on my blog of her that I posted back in 2009, one of Max, and I need to get a picture of my brother’s dogs.  They are all family. So I am introducing her again on a more personal level.  I had taken some videos of her a couple of months ago and decided to share one.  I get so wrapped up in my thoughts to put them out there, that I do not put the spotlight on my furry pal.  She has been with us for almost nine years and what a gift she is.  She is one of my best friends.   My life is brighter because of her.

I Want Bees To Stick Around

Back in December of 2009 I blogged about The Bee Movie and what a great message it sent of how significantly important bees are to being a sole source of food for all of us.  It is 2012 and there is still a decline in the population.  IBRA which is researching the loss in bees, have found there discovery to be ,  CCD,  the Varroa mite , bad weather,  and the use of chemical pesticides.  I hope they get to the bottom of it so we can keep the colonies and the bees healthy for every-ones sake.

What Would John Lennon Do ?

The Beatles brought some great artistry to the world.  They were all individually talented.  I watched a documentary, LennoNYC a couple of months ago, on John Lennon , when he left England to live in New York.   I was inspired and felt admiration for such an amazing human being. He achieved super stardom and yet he remained true to himself and fought for every-ones freedom.   There are other great cats  such as Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and many more throughout his era.  Watching the documentary was as if it had taken place today, because of how I feel about our government, the ridiculousness and the many lies and deceits of all our wars.  This all brings me to one of the greatest songs Mr. Lennon wrote, Imagine.

My Family In Iowa

Iowa is where my Dad’s family is from.  Within the last two years we lost my cousin Mike and recently my cousin Keith.  Now my uncle Richard is taking a turn for the worst.  I can only imagine what his children and spouse are going through at the moment. Nothing is for certain, my uncle may take a turn for the better and be around a few more years.   Some of us experience the loss of a loved one sooner than others, and we all have a different way of dealing, coping with it.  Unfortunately time is what notify s us of our healing.

1st T-ball Practice Went Off Without a Hitch

So my nephew Landon just ended his soccer season and now he is moving  onto 3 and 4 year old t-ball.  He is doing this all through the YMCA.  I was talking to my brother on the phone and then my nephew Landon’s voice appeared asking me what I was doing and then asking me if I was going to his game.  I could not decline or dismiss it, so I told him I would go.   It was this past Tuesday night, I bring my niece Madison along with me  so she can visit with her cousin and share in his t-ball experience.  If you have never been a spectator at a youngsters sports practice or game, you have not lived.  It is the most comical experience watching all the personalities and the unveiling of their athletic abilities.  Some parents have already seen and witnessed their child’s athletic abilities, so they support and encourage their little guy or girl to pursue it further.  Other parents want to instill the drive and discipline of applying oneself solo and to a team.  There are a couple of other reasons however, hopefully they are all for the interest of the child.

Thinking of My Uncle Larry And His Family

I was informed a couple weeks ago of my cousin Keith’s passing, unfortunately its never news you want to hear.  I did not know him, however I hope he lived a loving, fulfilling life.  Words are never enough, or sometimes empty for traumatic moments.  Parents lost a son and siblings lost a brother.

Music is Always a DeStresser

I like Florence and The Machine, Shake It Out, is one of many songs to go to, or think of when getting  frustrated or upset about needless things.  We are human, we slip and go to the stupid zone or we have to unload our mistakes.  The definition of crazy/ insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  I’m shaking it out !  Lyrics to a great song.


Florence + The Machine,  Shake it Out