Month: March 2012

I’m The Next American Idol

Singing is a natural skill and I was not blessed with it, however I do dive into my imaginative space and belt it out like the rest of them, except the sound is nowhere near as pleasant.   I do not know if many of you do this, when you are in your vehicle driving you sing along with a song sounding great, not off pitch, tune, melody, etc..  So a couple of Sundays ago  I went to a friends house and experienced a combination of karaoke/singer all in one.  The experience was so much fun, there is a room in their house full of musical equipment, professional stuff, microphones with stands.  So there I am facing a mic stand  going through an array of artists, karaoke style, as if I where the actual artist, until I hear myself  and I just laugh many times.  This was different then singing karaoke at a bar.   Singing is hard when you have heard the song by its original artist, and then you try to sing it in that same form.  It is therapeutic, humbling, fun, and a good laugh at yourself .


The Best Soccerish Match

So Last Thursday I went to the debut of my nephew Landon’s first soccer game.  It was laughter on top of more laughter.  Children moving in all different directions, the purple team vs the yellow team,  both intermingled.  The 3 and 4 yearolds, all wearing their soccer garb, little cleats , shin guards, soccer shorts, looking adorable.   Parents, siblings, grandparents, on the side lines kicking the ball back in the field lines.  The ball was kicked way beyond the goal box on many plays.  The attention span is flighty on the field, some do not want to play, others are listening to adults simultaneously  shouting .   They are each having an experience at their own level.

The Inflex Of Terrible Destructive Tornadoes

What is going on with the increase in tornadoes that are appearing more frequently?  The Midwest  and parts of the south have been trampled over by the tornadoes.   Some Scientist are taking their ques from nature, plants and animals migrating to regions that were not an inhabited climate for them before.  Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s assessment on global warming .  There is always a financial driven agenda,  each side has scientists and investors making a buck,  staying or believing in our status quo or going the better  route.

Everything is Springing Up !!

The sound of  lawnmowers, cutting the newly grown green grass.  Bushes are blooming a variety of beautiful colors.  It is amazing how seasons change, winter is leaving, and spring is arriving.  I’m sure for the states that have had a hard hitting snowy winter, it has to come as a welcoming change.

My nephew Landon, who is 3, started soccer practice.   My brother has shared with me video of Landon in action, driving the ball down the field.  He is not aggressive  towards his teammates pushing them out of the way, he just manages to kick the ball away from them.  He seems to think it is his duty to to have the ball in his possession, kicking it down the field.  It is hilarious to watch the youngsters playing their own version of soccer on the field.  They are merely in practices right now still learning the rules.