President Obama recently signed The National Defense Authorization Act,  but wait, today you will not be able to see it on Wikipedia because my fellow brothers and sisters are sending a loud message regarding SOPA and PIPA.  So if you share information  you will be detained indefinitely for behaving as a terrorist ?  Think of the steps Congress and the law makers are orchestrating, the squash of our freedoms, one bill at a time. We need to limit the control government has on our lives.  It wants to control what we see and  do on the internet.  Does that sound okay with you?

Congress , corporations, are trying to say information shared is pirated, stolen, infringing on the  copy write laws of the music, film, industry.   Really it goes way deeper regarding our freedom of information and freedom of speech act.  We need to change the ways bills are written and the undisclosed attachments to them. A bill is to be presented and written in its clearest form for all citizens to understand the new law  put into legislation, affecting all of us .   The internet is free, it is not owned by the government, it is a collaboration of many means.  Our media and journalism for the most part is censored, so thank goodness we still have Libraries and the Internet.  The government is good at manipulating their agenda.   There are some bad areas of the internet, however, the good totally out ways the bad .  Piracy, that word has been looming around for several years now, they have been on the witch hunt to control more for a while now.  What is there to steal ?  The music, film, all those industries are protected and technology has moved them in that direction.   Thank goodness  for our technology, that has hackers and whistle blowers and groups like wikileaks and anonymous  reveal this to us.   Everyday there are human beings, belonging to created organizations keeping us informed, like this video below from the Young Turks !