I’m disgusted the STOCK Act Bill is still not passed after being introduced 8 Years AGO (2004) by Brian Baird, and  Louise Slaughter ! It hit the floor and Congress has been avoiding it ever since.   Everyday citizens go to jail for insider trading, what makes the Law makers on the hill any different?  It is criminal, unethical and their activities need to stop.  Please go to change.org and sign the  Economic Justice Petition HR 1148 STOCK Act Bill to stop Law makers from: IPO’sinsider trading……political intelligence etc… Congress gets all the inside information and they get to invest and pass bills for their benefit and not our countries?  It is a conflict of interest, illegal , corrupt for them to behave and to continue to get away with it, so let us, the people, make them! Let us give the 15,000 signatures( so far only 609) we need to change it !   I have signed the petition.  This video from 60 Minutes should make your head on fire !


60 Minutes piece that aired 11/13/2011