Hello again, my family in Spain, in Iowa, and friends!  I have not shared since early July.  I tend to retreat and think about my thoughts, occurrences in the U.S. and abroad.  My Blog is a way to track, share my views and experiences with family and others.  A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!

So here is 2012, with many possibilities and one is our Presidential election.  I am not sure who I am going to vote for, although, I am certain I will expand more on that in the months to come.  There are predictions about the world ending, however, in 2011 we have had amazing stances taken by our fellow citizens, Occupy Wall Street, Molly Katchpole, to name a few.  Whether it is groups all over the world camping out in protest of unlawful, scheming, oblivious serial  lawmakers, or individuals wining a petition over corporations ( Bank of America, Verizon) socking new unwarranted  fees to a mass of customers, it is our duty to take a stand for our Rights.  Citizens all over the world are standing up to their governments.   I hope we stand larger in numbers and improve the conduct of business in Washington and around the globe.