Month: January 2012

Jury Duty, What Is The Experience?

I watched 12 angry men last night for the first time, enjoyed it ! ( I was summoned this year for jury duty however, did not serve). This film should be a requirement, a must see for people  to understand the full scope of being a juror.

After the famous case verdict here in the U.S.,  it caused a big uproar in citizens to question our legal system.  (It has been in question for many years, way before that case) I question it.  Look at the amount of innocent people that are found guilty, serve half or 3/4 of their sentencing, then are released for never having been guilty in the first place.

The movie is spot on about the paramount components to consider everything that takes place in a courtroom, the attorneys, evidence, witnesses, jurors.  One major problem is that most people are never really objective, letting personal influences get in the way.

When I was waiting in the room during the jury pool selection process, it was amazing to see the ratio of men to women being called.  I Did not know whether it was for a civil or criminal case, my mind started to wonder why attorneys go to such great links to get that specific juror.  It really seems to create a sense of an orchestrated process being rigged.

Nephew Basketball Games Are Back !

Went to my nephew Bryce’s basketball game yesterday.  They are 3-2, since his 2nd game, his team has made improvements.  They  are more aggressive on the court, taking the ball away and driving it down the center.  It was exciting, it got my mind off my lingering dry cough, I’m still not feeling 100%.  (Like I can complain when my brother-in-laws niece is still in the unknown territory of her fate).  This is my buddies 2nd year playing, he plays very well.  I do believe he will have a future in professional athletics, that is if he chooses that route.  He has a natural ability just like his daddy.  He is good at baseball, basketball, I’m not sure about his abilities in football.

There Are No Certainties In Life

People die everyday, every second, it is how we die that makes an impact.  I have just been given unimaginable news by my sister, her husband’s niece is in the fight of her life.  She was in a fatal car accident, her friend did not survive the crash.  My sincere wishes to my brother-in-law’s family, his sister, and the family that lost their daughter.  There is a mother scared to death, facing the most unfathomable outcome and another has.  The fathers as well.

It is surreal that this has taken place.  I met this young lady twice, my last time seeing her was when I went to Elizabeth City in ’07 to visit my sister, my brother- in- law’s family was there visiting as well.

We also had a close call, unbeknownst to us, My cousin in Spain was on deaths door from a cold that progressed quickly, being life threatening (while he took a couple of days up North with friends and his wife in Madrid) having no immune system.  He is a tremendously active, healthy man, who got a freakish bacteria.  He had cold symptoms before he left for Madrid, and it spiraled.  I’m so thankful he is fine and well.



The Hunt On Piracy Is Now Through The DOJ

Megaupload was shut down by the FBI and has made a lot of headway, this fight is not over.  The DOJ is making an example of megaupload, and they are using SOPA snips to coincide with their other existing laws, to achieve their goal.  The legislation has not gone through, and yet criminal arrests have been made toward megaupload and I am sure others will follow.   Something smells really bad when a companies website is shut down and its owners detained  without Due process ?  Wall Street and the banks have yet to be criminally charged, since 2008.

Who Likes A Weak Immune System?

So Thursday I had a scratchy throat, and for the last couple of days it progressed to a head cold .  I  was trying to back track and trace my steps to see where I might have contracted the bacteria.  I do not like to get ill, feeling unlike me, I usually do not.  My immune system  defenses are low so I need to figure out how to improve it.  I have been consuming, putting raw garlic on everything !  There is a huge amount of pollen in the air right now, plus wind, bad weather in various states, I’m sure that also plays a factor.

The hardest thing about a cold is that it takes away a lot of your energy.  I would like to be able to say It has been 10 years since I have been sick.   Experts say if we follow a regimen of nutrition, exercise, meditation(quiet time)  it is a path of health and for the most part I agree, however, as we know,  we all have different metabolism speeds, different heart rates, genes, age, race, environment, etc. that also play a factor in  a journey to health.  You have to find what works for you and pay attention to yourself.

Our body mind and spirit fascinates me !

Do We Know All of History, Philosophy, Ecology?

Somewhere along the way we may not truly understand everything we were taught or learned in school.  We read life long works written by the great philosophers, people in history that paved the way for how humanity operates today, or the nature structure of the animal kingdom. Through the years we forget, or simply ignore making the difference or connections.

I was poring sparkling water and mixing it with pomegranate juice ( I like to do that with a lot of juices) and I immediately thought of my friend and old roommate in Jacksonville, Fl who use to mix seltzer and cranberry juice.   My discovery of sparkling  water and fruit sodas originated many years ago when I lived in Sicily.    In Spain, where I was born,  my favorite carbonated fruit drink is  Kas naranja or limon and my aunt’s wonderful cooking.  I enjoy eating her food more than going tapa hopping around town. I spent a tremendous amount of time with her this past May and she cooked amazing, healthy meals everyday.  I always have a smile when I think of food and beverages I enjoy.

The memory of my history of soda got me thinking, to reflect back and think of who my influences were.  It is making the connection, remembering its origination and connecting the dots.  I think people have lost there way of critical thinking.  Our history, wars, film, music,  re account what we have seen, read, heard.  I think we owe it to people who died, spent their life work examining and finding the truths and improvements, a better outcome of our humanity.  Things are re-presented, repackaged to us through stories in film, books, music, and we forget or ignore it all.  History has a profound wealth of wisdom, however, there are things that need to be re examined and tweaked, like how Washington D.C. runs, and the great thing is that we have the original interpretation of our Constitution.  Through the years there have been revisions and we need to eliminate those revisions like the Patriot Act .  History fought for Racism, gender, sexuality, and we still ignore it all.  We are free to be who we are, isn’t that what people before us fought for?

Martin Luther King fought for everyone, if one race is oppressed, we all are!  He was a visionary and saw the control government had and still has.  He stood for all, for every walk of life, and sadly people still think it was only for the African Americans.  Not one class, one race, one sexual orientation rules, civil rights is for all.

Update From January 14th

So it was my niece Madison’s turning 4 birthday bowling bash.  The kids, and the adults had fun, it was an intimate party with family members.  So no, both my brother and sister beat me,  not by much though, both games !  I am not competitive however, I like challenges.  I hardly ever bowl, however I hold my own.  This is embarrassing, I believe my mother and father use to be in a bowling league and they were pretty darn good!  I will have to confirm that.

During Christmas break I went roller skating for the first time after 11 years, and I did fine.  I got to share this experience with my niece and nephews and they were all great on skates.  I was a little wobbly at first and then it was smooth sailing except on my turns and skating backwards.  I enjoyed myself. Skating seemed so effortless until we left the facility and we were outside chatting, I started to feel sluggish and a little pain in my legs, you do not realize the energy you put out.  I understand the obvious of not having skated in a while, and the different muscles being used, however, even a little pain will not deter me !

SOPA, PIPA Learn About Them !

President Obama recently signed The National Defense Authorization Act,  but wait, today you will not be able to see it on Wikipedia because my fellow brothers and sisters are sending a loud message regarding SOPA and PIPA.  So if you share information  you will be detained indefinitely for behaving as a terrorist ?  Think of the steps Congress and the law makers are orchestrating, the squash of our freedoms, one bill at a time. We need to limit the control government has on our lives.  It wants to control what we see and  do on the internet.  Does that sound okay with you?

Congress , corporations, are trying to say information shared is pirated, stolen, infringing on the  copy write laws of the music, film, industry.   Really it goes way deeper regarding our freedom of information and freedom of speech act.  We need to change the ways bills are written and the undisclosed attachments to them. A bill is to be presented and written in its clearest form for all citizens to understand the new law  put into legislation, affecting all of us .   The internet is free, it is not owned by the government, it is a collaboration of many means.  Our media and journalism for the most part is censored, so thank goodness we still have Libraries and the Internet.  The government is good at manipulating their agenda.   There are some bad areas of the internet, however, the good totally out ways the bad .  Piracy, that word has been looming around for several years now, they have been on the witch hunt to control more for a while now.  What is there to steal ?  The music, film, all those industries are protected and technology has moved them in that direction.   Thank goodness  for our technology, that has hackers and whistle blowers and groups like wikileaks and anonymous  reveal this to us.   Everyday there are human beings, belonging to created organizations keeping us informed, like this video below from the Young Turks !


I Think About The Bradley Manning’s Of The World

I wonder what the outcome will be for  Mr. Manning?  I do not know, nor think, that he was the only source.  There is a population of soldiers who questioned (and are questioning) their military agenda of the 10 year war, what it accomplished, and their actions.  There are those that will look at Bradley as a traitor, however, he joined the military for a cause, not a plethora of deceit and lies.  A military personnel has a duty to uphold to his country, not covering up the unethical, illegal conduct of his branch of service.  The moral code was broken, he took action to stop the criminal acts occurring during the war. Thank goodness for whistleblowers !  The military is not all it is cracked up to be.  It is a huge polluter,  taking a huge chunk in our defense budget.  There are  many unneeded  bases around the globe costing us money.  Wars are a great money maker for investors in congress, corporations and others .

The cables that were released by wikileaks and used to  incarcerate Bradley were a big deal for citizens around the globe to see the nasty secrets, functions that countries and their diplomats perform.  I have not looked at them yet, I wonder what the people in Iraq think, and others abroad.  Citizens do not want to read or feel their country does not uphold the best intentions for its people or its land, especially for personal financial gain.  It does not matter what organization you belong to, if it is behaving in a non  ethical manner,  causing harm to the masses, negotiating and concealing unlawful financial gains by the organization leaders, it is your duty to stand up to, report the injustice of your organization.

Brilliant, Artistic Queen Music

Freddie Mercury was part of a great band Queen.  There are  songs of theirs that I jam out to and relate to.  Under Pressure is a classic piece that is timeless and it fits our time right now and always.  The lyrics tell a story on multi levels.  I love the vision of artist and wonder what goes through their minds when creating.

 Queen-Under Pressure


It is Martin Luther King‘s Day. He knew too well about pressure for civil rights for everyone and it has been going on ever since!