Several weeks have gone by,  July 4th came and went, hope everyone had their own  form of celebration, I watched fireworks on the water, got a lovely invitation on a pontoon boat.

Has anyone ever been to the Blackwater River ?   I went three weeks  ago, Sandy had a blast, she swam her dog lungs off.  It was a nice,  peaceful, isolated area. The quiet stillness was priceless, the scene was soothing.  The river water level was a little low, however the temperature was nice and cool.  We were alone, no one else.

I grew up around  ocean water, and camped near it.  In my earlier years I was not exposed to rivers or lakes.   I was a huge beach goer when I was younger, loved playing and swimming in the water .  I had an opportunity to go white water rafting and it would be my first time in a river.  I have gone to Blackwater river several times throughout the years, the Ocoee river in Tennessee,  lake  Shasta, Ca.,  a river in Montana, and one other lake(can not remember its location).