My family and I just went threw a slew of birthdays, my sister-in-law, nephew and myself all celebrated another year.  I loved my gifts !

I can not put a finger on it however I have been more emotional since I came back from my trip.  I think the importance of the recent trip for me, 5 years ago  making the same trip, I was on a little bit of a roller coaster, I was given a second chance to make it an amazing visit. I did not put in all the time I wanted with all my cousins or friends that I wanted to see, I did have the best intentions.

I tend to see other things so clearly except things for me, or I invest energy in other people except myself.  It gets interesting if you are quiet and if you stop worrying about little things around you.  I can articulate many words of concern, or opinions, however I have to be quiet and let life do its thing.  Nature is awe inspiring, it takes its course and so shall I.  I live a certain level of hypocrisy and I just want to concern myself with me, recognize my improvements, triumphs and achievements big or small, live and breathe my true me.  Life  is always teaching, but am I listening?   I have had heartache, a soft spot for my relationship with my family.   I thought I had the magic words, for them to understand my differences or the view from my experience, maybe some of those things will never be clear, however I am turning the corner.  I no longer need them to understand me, I want them to accept me with my quirks just as I them.