Month: June 2011

A Little Time To Catch My Breath, and Breathe

My family and I just went threw a slew of birthdays, my sister-in-law, nephew and myself all celebrated another year.  I loved my gifts !

I can not put a finger on it however I have been more emotional since I came back from my trip.  I think the importance of the recent trip for me, 5 years ago  making the same trip, I was on a little bit of a roller coaster, I was given a second chance to make it an amazing visit. I did not put in all the time I wanted with all my cousins or friends that I wanted to see, I did have the best intentions.

I tend to see other things so clearly except things for me, or I invest energy in other people except myself.  It gets interesting if you are quiet and if you stop worrying about little things around you.  I can articulate many words of concern, or opinions, however I have to be quiet and let life do its thing.  Nature is awe inspiring, it takes its course and so shall I.  I live a certain level of hypocrisy and I just want to concern myself with me, recognize my improvements, triumphs and achievements big or small, live and breathe my true me.  Life  is always teaching, but am I listening?   I have had heartache, a soft spot for my relationship with my family.   I thought I had the magic words, for them to understand my differences or the view from my experience, maybe some of those things will never be clear, however I am turning the corner.  I no longer need them to understand me, I want them to accept me with my quirks just as I them.

Agriculture Is Such A Valuable Commodity Around The World

Spain is one of the top Agriculture exporters in Europe.  A few days before I left Rota the news reported a couple of deaths in Germany due to a plague of e coli in cucumbers coming from Spain.  This preempted accusation cost Spain, even though it was later researched and determined that Spain had no contamination.  It is scary to see a country take a huge financial hit without all the facts.  It smells like politics however, in the global economic slump , there is no time to be wasteful and careless with information.

First and Only Bullfight

I went to my first live bull fight, we took a bus at 5:45 in the evening headed to El Puerto De Santa Maria to the Plaza De Toros, The plaza was very nice built in the 1800’s, we were lucky it was early may,  I could not imagine the plaza in the July- August months.  The bull fight  experience was very mixed.  I enjoyed the connection between the bullfighter and the bull, however, any harm that came to the bull I disagreed with …after the bullfight we stopped at a bar and had some tapas.

Tapas are appetizers that are  very typical of the Spanish cuisine.  I usually tend to eat at home, enjoying the savory taste that I am accustomed to.  I tried to explain to some family members that I am not a Prima-Donna, or a fuss bucket, I know what I like and when eating out there is always the surprise element.  I was brought up with home cooked meals so the healthier leaner methods of cooking are my preference.

Jet Lag, Unpacked, My Daily Life Continues

It is weird to take my experience of the last month, of place and time, and to adjust back to my life in Florida.  There is a sense of loss to have a  geographical distance between you and the people that you cherish, however that is the beauty of our memory and our hearts.  I was very fortunate to have this special time.  Moments in life are created and generated in many ways, I will always have mine, no matter what my new now is.

I´m Back On U.S. Soil, With A Tug At My Heart

My days in Spain ended yesterday on a journey of a month, I left the beginning of May and returned June 2nd.  So I had taken my laptop with me in hopes to update my experience in Spain, my home town,  however that did not happen. I have taken photos that I will share once I have shared them with my family stateside.   I had this vision of revisiting old friends going places, and I ended up spending the majority of my time with family.  I found a tremendous amount of value in sharing dialogue, with family and coming to understand my roots, my blood.  I wanted to participate in the massive DGF reunion however it had come and gone. I hope all of the DGFers are doing fantastic, that you had a tremendous time visiting such a beautiful country.  It would have been nice to have seen,chatted with fellow classmates,  I  envisioned one visit,  and I experienced one on a whole other level.

The picture I took was leaving the airport in Jerez De La Frontera

My beautiful niece just showed up so I will continue with my adventures later